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  1. We'll try to fit this into our schedule for February. It is always good to ride with Joerg... even if you don't aspire to riding in a similar style. His positive outlook on snowboarding includes everyone.
  2. Thank you once again C² for organizing this 'little' get together. We're looking forward to seeing the crew again this year. Andrea & Dave
  3. OK... I'll get this going. 1. Mark Brown, M-F 2. Jim Cheen, W-F 3-4. Andrea, Dave & Lillian Morgan, M-F 5.
  4. The story of my life... either a day late or a dollar short.
  5. The story of my life... either a day late or a dollar short.
  6. I'm looking for a pair of DeeLuxe LeMans shells, size must be M28. Anyone?
  7. duc750f1, I'm sorry to tell you the boots are ruined... somehow they were 'soiled' by a Montreal Canadiens fan. Unacceptable!!! ;)
  8. duc750f1.. Rather than selling the boots on ebay, I will take them back. I left you a voicemail. Regards, Dave duc750f1.. Plutôt que de vendre les bottes sur ebay, je vais les reprendre. Je vous ai laissé un message vocal. Cordialement, Dave
  9. $489 / 10years / 30 days on snow = $1.63 per riding day. $299 / 5 years / 30 days on snow = $1.99 per riding day. Even with a life expectancy of 5 years (compared to 10), I'm not sure the cost of bindings should really equate into this at all.
  10. http://bomberonline.3dcartstores.com/Ibex-Toe-Assembly_p_40.html
  11. This place is in the 'other' direction but... price was right and I'm sure it's way better than a hostel. www.motelclair-mont.com/en/english.php?site=index.html Price was right too... $65+tax/night
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