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MCC Gear Swap/Sale


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I have some extra gear that I can't sell in Revelstoke because the market is saturated here.  Any MCC participants interested?  I can bring all it down with me.  Can also ship from Montana to interested American riders.

Burton Driver X size 10:  Near new, barely broken in, upgraded liners also near new $300

Now O-Drive size medium:  Brand new, still in original packaging, never mounted $450

Coiler Contra 194cm:  Ridden four or five times, in perfect condition $600

Many assorted kids boards with bindings, up to 126cm $50-100

Huge box of old mittens with holes and tears:  Priceless

JJA TCX 166: 16.5m scr, 30cm waist, very stiff, in excellent condition $900

Got gear for sale?  Post it here!


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17 minutes ago, Neil Gendzwill said:

Curious as to why you're ditching the JJA.

Because I have three others and a fifth on order.  There are only so many boards I can ride! 

Plus, it's worth a lot because these boards are unobtainable;  Jasey-Jay only builds soft boot carvers for a very select clientele...


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3 hours ago, dredman said:

Did I ride that one?  


T4 194 C 020 JC 5.8+9  Perfect condition, just a bit of dirt on the topsheet.  Storage wax of course.

210 waist for soft snow, medium stiff.  Was fun but not quite what I was looking for in a big board.  Got it in the spring 2020, had my first JJA by that fall and never looked back!

The story goes...  This is the board Bruce was building when Jasey-Jay came by the shop one day.  They started talking about me and Bruce told him I had been asking him for a 290 waist for years.  Jasey said he could make one, Bruce put us in touch and that's how I got on Jasey-Jay Anderson's very select client list.


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2 hours ago, dredman said:

 Beautiful board.  Too wide for my taste. 

That 194 has a 19 meter sidecut depth equivalent, so at least it doesn't get much wider than 210 anywhere else.  The radius profile is here

My figures say the nose should be about 46mm wider than the waist.  In contrast, a 11.5 meter Contra AC 173 spreads by 59mm before joining with the tip, so the 194's nose will only be 7mm wider than a 19cm Contra AC 173.  Fun with numbers.

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13 hours ago, crackaddict said:

No carving boards, just cheap Burtons and such under 126cm.  I have three at 126cm actually.  Want one?

I may also be interested in a couple of kids boards.  What ya got between 115/ 126?

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Left to right:

Elan Explore 95 (great little board in perfect condition)

Burton Chopper 109 (rough shape with screws holding the tip and tail together, but fine for a kid)

Burton Chopper 126

Burton Chopper 126

Class Five 149

Solomon Gypsy 152

Most of the bindings are for sale, I just need to keep one more set for my daughter.  Let me know the boot size and I'll pick the right binding for you.


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Interested in the 109 Chopper.  My boy is wearing size 3 right now.  So I would say binding that can do 3-5.

Also interested in one of the 126s.  Other boy is wearing 4 right now. I’d say bindings from 4-6.  
I don’t know kids binding sizes.  Both boys are at the bottom sizing of those boards, and will grow into them for about 2-3 seasons.  Choose bindings accordingly.

what would you want for both boards with bindings?

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@tenguspengusI'll bring the bindings, 10.5 should be no problem.  I can still get store credit on these but I'll take a little less if it's cash.  Retail is $600 usd, I'd be happy with $450.

@ToastThese are probably not what you want, two of them are pre-2006 and the Oxxess is a big stiff race board.  Buy something out of the demo tent, you'll be happier.

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Update: adding another board for sale. It is a Knapton Twin that I bought last year. 155 cm, 30 cm waist, 8.7 m radius. Great condition other than a couple of scuffs on the top sheet. Asking $350

I will put both of these boards out to demo tomorrow and Thursday.





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