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Sugarloaf 22/23


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Groomers are being told opening date is planned for Friday 11/18. Temps look good for snowmaking starting Monday after the rain clears out.  New pumphouse by Bullies is going to improve coverage early season. 

Scrape the storage wax off your topsheets!

@pow4ever, @VTHops, @Jack M, @Beckmann AG, @jl1, @skidad62, @powdahbonz, @MR. JOHN DEERE !, @dhamann, you guys ready?

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Thank you Sugarloafer for making it one of best early season in memory.

early season Mental notes:
Keep weight in front 😉 carve like you know what you doing.
Be aggressive/confidence. 

wear boots/liner properly.
Lace the liner and stump a few time to make sure feet are fully in heel pocket.
Need aft/fore motion and side to side.
When motion/riding is right it shouldn't hurt.  it hurts because i am doing something wrong.

stay low/rotate help with transition but dynamic weighting is even better and sometime need both.

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the 1-2 weeks for bibs are upon us. even @Jack M may get a softboot board out for this one. 😉 let the season begin.

3-8" Thursday night into Friday

5-8" Monday

3-5" Wednesday, 5-8" Wednesday night

flurries and photo shoot Thursday

all snow falls from above with temps tickling 20 degrees give or take, humidity 90% and low winds.

We'll see. Hope it all lands for you all... and keeps coming.

teens and single digits to follow! mmmm. purrrfect. tried to coordinate a trip up prior to surgery, but couldn't make it happen.



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A week and a half to go!!  Denise and I will be up 2/5-2/10.  Long term forecast looks good as of today.Looking forward to doing some riding with the "Locals"(you know who you are).  I have not been out on my board yet this season due to local conditions.  I think this is our 25th year coming up to Sugarloaf.   Hmmmm-As I read this it makes me feel old.

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