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  1. Robby ran a camp my youngest son attended early this season at Eldora. My son had nothing but awesome things to say about Robby. Solid dude!
  2. I hopped on to list my UPZ RC11 boots with Intuition liners (never heat molded) size 27.5. They were used by my each of my sons for 1 season periodically while they were deciding if they wanted to actually hard boot. Some minor scratches and scuffs but nothing major still in great operational condition. You could get an intec heel kit if you wanted. I'm asking $300 + shipping (from Maine) (I think I also have a Catek World Cup model binding if you were looking for a set to just get back out on the snow. Would just need to locate them... bought on here for $100 when I first started...but would be happy with $75 for them as well...not step ins but operational and can get you up and running for cheap)
  3. Nailed it! CO is great. CA...surfing in the AM and riding in the afternoon is great, if you can get through the traffic. UT, ID, WA, OR, MT...all great. But Maine might not have as many places, but I'll put Sugarloaf against most mountains on a good day and on an average day...if you have to wait more than 3 chairs you get upset. Cost of living for a eastern top rated resort is very reasonable. Having grown up in VT, compared to what you get for the mountain it isn't even close. Way more acreage, more vert, and with the coming additional expansion it won't even be close. Killington wishes it had the terrain the Loaf does. Internet is reliable. Flagstaff lake is a few minutes away ( just got a wing so I plan on being on the lake on the wind hold days snow wing kiting.), lots of streams to fish or take a cool plunge in and the mountain biking is quickly becoming known as one of the few places in New England that can rival Kingdom Trials in northern VT. Want to grow your own food...just have to watch out for bears. Want to grow your own pot, watch out for the stoned bears. Want to be on the coast, 2.5 hours away from salt water and you can be at Logan Airport in Boston to fly anywhere in the world in 4 hours. If you can't tell, I really love where I live. Pow4ever- you know how to find me when you are up at the Loaf. You need to stop day dreaming and give your local friend who also happens to be a real estate broker a call and I can hook you up! Enjoy the day dreaming!
  4. Keep us updated. My son and I have done High Cascade and had a blast out there. He is mainly focused on boardercross but after a few races in hard boots he is seeing the light. He attends a mountain school for snowboarding and is getting pretty good. He and several other team mates want to focus more on GS and SL and having a few days mid summer could be enough to lure us from Maine.
  5. Are these still available? I'm really looking for TD3s (with an open base plate to facilitate ease of changing bindings from board to board). The solid plate means every time to want to change the bindings it would require 9 screws as the toe/heel base needs to be loosened up due to it over hanging the plate screws. But for the right price I'd be interested...
  6. Are these still available? If so I'm interested! Also are these bases drilled for both 3D and 4x4 patterns? I can't tell from the pics. Thanks
  7. @Kneel You can also check out our apartment on VRBO number 1493927 A 2 bedroom that sleeps 5 and is less than 2 miles from the lodge and a 3 min walk to the closest shuttle route. Lots of remaining weekends are booked but lots of mid weeks left... Would love to host you!
  8. David- so glad me and my lime UPZs connected with you! It has been great riding with you the last few days and Max had a blast riding with you too! With only a few days on the board it is awesome to make connections. And to think I had to push Max to get off his BX board and give the hard boots a try... Then I couldn’t get him out of them! I think I’ll have to be investing is some more set ups to keep the family happy . And enough of doubting yourself! You were ripping and it looks gooooooood ! I’ll give myself a few years to get half as good!
  9. KTV, these still available? I'm just starting out hard booting and am thinking these might be a good first pair...
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