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  1. Wow! Global warming in effect! Cancelled Carrezza befor 1/4 finals.
  2. Crikey! The 8th gate on the red had a huge hole! Pitiful course maintenance! It swallowed a russian and snapped his SG like a toothpick!
  3. To bad she got smoked in the super g today. Nice to see her 1st in WC points in DH though.
  4. Treebeard

    Vist Plates

    I have two VIST plates I pulled off a SG SL and GS board I bought off the classifieds here a few months back. Everything is functional on the plates. One aluminum binding plate has 2 stripped holes (marked blue in picture). All the mounting holes in the plates are in good shape. $180 a set shipped CONUS.
  5. How much has Sigi changed his race line in 10 years? https://www.sgsnowboards.com/stories/board-history/
  6. Need a set of race (green) tongues for a medium deeluxe track boot. Wife is folding the stock black ones over.
  7. Call it whatever you want, but this is amazing riding.....and cinemetography!
  8. Anyone know when the final event list comes out for PS and PGS? Currently the list of events is light. Looks like Mammoth and and Sierra the only hills hosting events out west at this point.
  9. Have some deeluxe track 425's that have been upgraded with the pro kit (4th buckle and stiffer tongue), size 28.5. Also have the DGSS spring system installed. Boots are in excellent conditon (maybe 10 days in them). Asking $325 plus shipping.
  10. I think there is some compelling information demonstrated here:
  11. Awesome JB, ill be there at 9 when lift opens. Looks like i might have run down some snowboard panels. My left arm is still wounded from hammering full size gs panels on toe side from last weekend!
  12. Hey guys! I am going to set a training course on this coming Saturday for those who are interested. Going to be on lower stadium and will set with stubbies. Will plan on having the course up by 9:30 and will run until noon. Reply here if you plan on making it! Sean
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