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  1. Summer of 91 I was at Timberline training with Masterpool. Went in the Wyeast lodge to the ski shop to t-nut an Apocalypse asym and Victoria came in the shop. Absolute godess!
  2. Thanks for advice Lon! Look at this apparatus. Kid was ranked 2nd in country in age class skierX, secured some help from Rossi on race gear then pulled this stunt. At least he won't be missing nationals (cancelled) Awesome night riding with you and Mrs. JB! Need to do it again SOON. Gonna be on Stadium tomorrow night as I got roped into coaching . Was hoping for another awesome night on the Super. Come by and say hi if yer on the hill!
  3. CONDUCTOR! Holy smokes, had another amazing night last night with JBurk and Mrs. Burk. Awesome night of riding with 3-4 inches of cut up thick fresh over bulletproof. Picked up Shred Grummer's Thirst Superconductor a few weeks back and wore another huge smile across my face as I ripped through the butter last night with full confidence when I cut through to the polished, older surface that the Super would hold grip and cut right through it. I have read many times how you just lay the Super over and let it pull radius without needing to get to deep into it and drive the tip to load turn initiation. Remarkable how much less work the Super is relative to my SG race boards. Very forgiving but some great snap and rebound through transitions! Whether popping off bumps on cut up slopes for airplane turns or just laying it over and cutting right through it, the Super delivered! Really wanted to try one ever since I re-caught the hard boot disease after a few decade hiatus and seeing how much my ridin buddy JBurk has enjoyed his. Pulled the trigger on Shred's that was posted up on the classifieds. If you ever have interest in one of his boards, do it. He was top notch to deal with and the board was in impeccable condition. Packaging was excellent as well. So... amazing night last night with three goofy footed Thirst riders and some more badly needed soul therapy (especially after my 15 year old Skier Cross racer snapped his tibia) and a few week hiatus dealing with a kid whose ability to get to the can and fridge have regressed to that of a new born . A few pics from last night. I'm the big guy in the middle and full disclosure... Took a deep breath before I slid my mask down so I could show off a Thirst induced grin of raw pleasure!
  4. JNG, thanks for your reply. I would have loved to put an alpine camp together this summer at Hood and would have had the support of the Meadows Race Team. The bug really put a weird twist on the season but Timberline pulled it together and has apparantly been a solid summer of training up there other than some rough weather in June. I understand the USST has been training on the glacier for the first time in a long time due to international travel restrictions. Soooo I will put the call out this early coming spring to gage interest in a race training focused camp. We also have some former Olympian snowboard racers here in Hood River that I could reach out to gage interest in coaching. Otherwise it would be ski racing coaches. If a light response then could probably jump in on MRT ski racing camp. Sean
  5. Unfortunately gonna be with 30 ski racers in a paid camp and not gonna be open to public. However, if there was enough interest next summer I have the commitment from the program director that we could run an alpine snowboard training camp on the glacier. Would need to schedule lane space in late spring, I have access to all the gates we would need here in Hood River.
  6. Well after the season crashed to a covid close back in March; will be hitting the glacier this weekend for some gate training with Meadows Race Team at Timberline. Set a bucket list goal to qualify for USASA nationals this last season after turning 50 and what had been a 25 year snowboarding hiatus until the 2018-2019 season. Hung up the ski coaching responsibilities this last season to concentrate fully on getting a used SG SL and GS board under control and make the cut for Copper; mission accomplished. Was super bummed when Copper was cancelled so time to start training for the upcoming season. Want to put a huge shout out to the AS community for all the stoke and advice. This is an amazing resource. Also to my local brothers J Burke and Doc Schindler two local Portland hardbooters who always bring the stoke and are ready to go tear up Meadows. A good day ripping the corn with Doc and a mid day pit stop this season.
  7. Just checked USASA National Rankings for SL and GS. Big congrats to Jack on being first in his Division for both disciplines! Shame we were not competing in Copper this week!
  8. Treebeard


    Can you send me an adress so i can check on shipping cost.
  9. Treebeard


    Yes i still have them. Price as listed above.
  10. Awesome race for Ledecka and made up for that error at Gastein. #2 in WC downhill standings as well. Amazing.
  11. Wow! Global warming in effect! Cancelled Carrezza befor 1/4 finals.
  12. Crikey! The 8th gate on the red had a huge hole! Pitiful course maintenance! It swallowed a russian and snapped his SG like a toothpick!
  13. To bad she got smoked in the super g today. Nice to see her 1st in WC points in DH though.
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