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Horrific crash of Kajsa Vickhoff Lie


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She was really moving.....   always hate to see these type of crashes....  I know this is a snowboarding topic site, but anyone who follows an ice sport has seen these type crashes and we always feel so bad for the athletes...  Looks like she just got a little light on the skis and then the edge caught....

warning: gruesome video



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1 hour ago, lordmetroland said:

Will his sphincter ever relax? He’ll be pooping angel hair for a month...

I mean ... if he even still has one? Also: this colourful image immediately rendered itself in my poor tortured mind as some unreleased Zappa album cover.

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This is probably a dumb question and it has been a very long time since I have been on skis but: given the high DIN settings necessary for pro downhill athletes to retain their skis while charging down the course, has anyone ever attempted to conceive of some kind of emergency release mechanism (like a pyrotechnic fastener [or some other less stupid idea] etc ... ) that could be activated by the skier (or a third party in observation) in the event of a bad fall? 

My understanding is that the DIN settings they use are so high, as to render the release mechanism of the bindings nearly pointless. The logic seems like: "well: we're not planning on eating it during the race, so lets not screw ourselves by having a binding decide to release due to chatter or bumps etc and just pump that din setting to the moon, and pray shit doesn't go sideways in the event of that crash we weren't planning on having". Given that: it would seem a binding entirely designed around the idea of manual emergency release would be more appropriate for ski-racers running these types of events?

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As someone who's suffered a similar break i can whole heartedly say i feel her pain. on the bright side atleast her foot is still facing forwards not backwards like mines was😖 

An emergency release would seem like a bright idea as i can imagine it would stop some knee injuries also from similar high rotational forces

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