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5 Stretches For Snowboarders - From Burton!


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This showed up in my daily feed today at the most opportune time! 

I am 64 (:eek: How'd Did That Happen!)  and active carver 4x a week and  do upper body weight training 3x a week and the wife and I go out XC skiing once a week for 2-5 mile ventures. Spring,summer, fall I ride a road bike an average of 150-250 miles a week.

Some  history of cause and effect: In a life long, long ago I was a HS and College wrestler and a "On the mat" wrestling coach for 20 years, so  I'd say my hips and shoulders are majoritively Toast now and my flexibility  is comparable to a Two x Four!!   So of course I've been having increasing hip and knee pain/tightness and recently It's becoming difficult getting up out of chairs, sofas, toilet, etc..... 

Well I'm going to do something about it!     I know - Duh! - Try not to judge me please -

So I'm publicly committing to doing these stretches every morning for the next 30 days!                                                                                                                                                                    So I started today and they all felt great but the first  exercise was difficult for me to do without some support for balance and  to get back to standing!   :freak3: Omg! Pitiful !!  So it can only get better.....right?   Wish me luck!!




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Both of the hamstring stretch techniques shown will put major stress on your lumbar spine.

I am in my early 60's, just like you Barry, and do lots of cycling in the off season. I have a life time of tight hamstrings!

I use the hamstring stretch I describe and illustrate in this post below. It is a powerful hamstring stretch but protects your lumbar spine.


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3 hours ago, SunSurfer said:

@lowriderOh I am so tempted to post something that the mods will have to delete! ............ deleted

I’m not clear on whether you agree or disagree with my statement. But just to clarify my understanding, here’s one article supporting my position: https://www.womensrunning.com/training/this-is-your-body-when-you-dont-stretch/

Here’s another: https://www.mensjournal.com/health-fitness/should-you-stretch-before-you-run/

These apply to running but I think it should be applicable to snowboarding.

I’ve also been told that hard static stretching, the kind where you are trying to increase flexibility, causes micro tears in the muscle. If you then exercise on top of that you are at higher risk of injury. 

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Since your country has handled the pandemic better than North America i think you are within your rights to ride the high horse to the finish line. I know you can't push a rope but  I'm open to suggestions  as to how i can make my vessel function better after all you are the one who has come back from the abyss. Most of my preparatory exercise revolves around contorting my body to put boots on in the car since the lodge is closed.

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17 hours ago, lowrider said:

Most of my preparatory exercise revolves around contorting my body to put boots on in the car since the lodge is closed.

I'm laughing too much at this! The logistics of getting suited up in 0F (-20C) weather in a Mazda 3 are pretty awful. 

I don't warm up as much as I should. I know from other training that I need a good warm up to prevent injuries. I've now started doing some jumping jacks and some air squats before the first run. The boots make squats funky so find something to hold! 

Luckily snowboarding is pretty easy to modulate your output. i.e. You can take it easy for the early parts of a run. 

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Going on 2 weeks+ of this stretching routine and I can say I can already feel a positive difference!......1st noticeably was just easier time of reaching my buckles on my 425's when I'm standing with my boot  on the back bumper to buckle  up in the parking lot!

Additionally not as much aches and pains from going up or down stairs and such.

I'd say pretty good results so far for the little amount of time it requires each day!  

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