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Prior 180cm mystery metal board $100 SOLD!

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I bought this board used 10-12 years ago and the history that I remember is that it was made for boardercross and had some type of metal construction. I can't verify that at all! But the board rides well and carves a nice tight round turn. I'm 190#'s and it feels like a medium flexing board for my weight. 180cm long and 23.5cm wide. I've been riding it with hard boots. 


Last time at the fully automatic board grinder I ended up with some irregular P-tex at the tip and tail (see pictures). Edges are in good shape, base otherwise is in good shape too. 


I included a picture of the board carving....I guess I"ve had it since 2009 or so based on the date of the picture! Damn, time flies guys!! Make every day count!


Sorry for the lack of specifics but the board rides well and....for a hundred bucks shipped to you in the continental US it's worth a shot 🙂














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On 12/30/2019 at 12:28 AM, big canuck said:

This board looks awesome!! 180 w 23.5 cm waist? Boom!!! Ride the sh*t out of it Curtis!!!

That's the plan 👍

Have a excellent new years and hope all is well your way!!!

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For the record - this board rips!!

Yes it's a medium flex feel but snow grip is outstanding for a 200 lb rider

Thanks for the sale!!!

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    • By skategoat
      This is formerly Caroline Calve's board made for her by Kessler just before she retired in 2015. Mark Fawcett and I rode it to test plates in 2016. Since then, it's been sitting in a closet. Tried to flog this on some racing groups but it's all about All-flex there.
      Inserts for ASIP/UPM and 4x4 19.5cm waist Mint shape with World Cup tune and structure Caro weighed 74 kg (163 lb) when competing but she's a World Cup athlete so judge accordingly.
      I personally found this very easy to ride (and I ride like a 10 year old girl). I also witnessed Fawcett charging hard on it. Bottom line is it's a very versatile board without the intimidation factor of a 185. 

    • By mlang
      175cm Prior board with blue Catek OS2 bindings.
      Used 3-4 seasons by weekend snowboarder in Ontario.
      Was a custom board for a woman approximately 140lbs and 5' 6''.
      Great board for bordercross or intro to alpine.
      Sold as a package.
      Asking $200 USD + shipping. But really, make me an offer.

    • By jburrill
      Barely used F2 World Cup rs 179 titanal 2018/19
      Bought last year. Used 4 times. 
      edges tuned 1 degree base 3 degree side
      $600.00 plus shipping. 

    • By Denis Lafrance
      350$ + SHIPPING
      Burton Race plate 30$ +shippping
      Step in heel with cable 60$ + shipping
    • By Charlax
      1 SG full race titan 163 cm used 10 hrs max like new
      1 SG full race titan 180 cm used 15 hrs very good condition
      2 vist plates available 
      Great gear barely riden.
      Call me for more info price etc. 450-602-8700

    • By kamran
      Letting go of some of the stuff.
      Virus Tantalus Team 175, I believe it's a 2003. used with some marks on the top, very clean and smooth base with tons of camber and life left, (EDIT: taking it off the market)
      Virus Avalanche 168, binding marks on the top and other than that very clean. Literally 1 day of carving on her.  (SOLD)
      Prior All mountain board, I think it's a 160, used with marks on the top but a clean base, (SOLD)
      Raichle boots SB 413, shell says 25 -27.5, used with marks and wear on the bottom, $100 ex shipping
      Catek Bindings OS2, long, used  (SOLD)
      Burton Bindings, 4 hole disks (may have 3 hold disks somewhere too) (SOLD)
      I can email bigger better pictures if desired.

    • By Algunderfoot
      "Creme Brulet", Ordered in 2017, 9.5/10 top sheet (boot scuffs only, no dings) base 10/10, board has 5 - 350 foot days on it. $550 plus shipping.

    • By skategoat
      Selling a custom Kessler 180 that I acquired from Caroline Calve after her retirement. It's in primo shape with a World Cup tune with nice structure. Edges are razor sharp. - $700
      BONUS UPDATE: Buy the board and I'll include all of the items below as long as they fit in the box. 
      Everything below is $25. Shipping at your expense from Toronto. Photos at end of message. Prices in CAD$.
      - Grit butt/hip pad in size small. Excellent condition
      - Austrian team shell from 2008. Fair condition. No holes and the zipper works fine but there are some stains on the back (see photo). Might come out with a scrub. "Kristallklar" is peeling a bit. The Austria logo is intact.
      - Reusch gloves with built-in wrist guard and Kevlar fingertips. Size large. Excellent condition.
      - Zimtstern shell size large. Excellent condition.

    • By Adas
      I seem to insert this post in the 'Wanted' section each season... I keep buying 4WDs!
      I have a 164 4WD which is my go-to powder and trees board when I'm not busting out the groomers on the Coiler, but it's a little short and I'm over-powering it. So I would like a 169 if anyone has one out there they're willing to part with? I don't want to go too old if I can avoid it.
    • By Ed K
      Like new 2017/2018 season Kessler GS 180(the alpine) for sale!
      This board only has one full day of riding, but I have decided to let go because I prefer shorter SL boards.
      Obviously, base and top sheet is in excellent condition, except for binding marks from 1 day of riding.
      Below is the spec from the Kessler website.

      price is $900 + shipping.
      Thank you!

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