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    Donek Sabers 164's.
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    Old CFX trays with C60 parts, Cartel parts.
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  1. Sorry I sold it.
  2. NOW bindings. O drives and Recons Havent found a better binding for soft boot carving. Everything else I’ve tried doesn’t come close to them.
  3. Price drop $400.00
  4. I have a pair of 27.5 green ones about 5 yrs old.
  5. Sure do. Thats why it’s a Burton custom X 162 wide. Precisely as the post specifies.
  6. Using medium bindings and 9.5 boots for maximum toe/heel clearance. 262 mm waist
  7. Price drop. $500.00
  8. Barely used Mountain Slope 27.5 boots Bought last year used 5 days. extra springs/canting discs included. $600.00 plus shipping
  9. Barely used F2 World Cup rs 179 titanal 2018/19 Bought last year. Used 4 times. edges tuned 1 degree base 3 degree side $600.00 plus shipping.
  10. 17/18 Rarely used Burton Custom X 162 wide with brand new Cartel EST bindings. Stone grind with 3 degree side edge and 1 degree base edge bevels. 262 mm waist Barely used this thing and the bindings have a few runs on them. Nice combo. I’m not gonna need this board so please take it. $600.00 plus shipping. I’ll wax it for you.
  11. I’m very interested in these boots. Does anyone have feedback about these?
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