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  1. So back when I purchased this board I sked Bruce "If someone asks what model Coiler this board is what should I tell them?" Here is his reply: Just say its the best one! It is actually a custom template done for the metal construction as the rounded tail gives the boards a bit more lateral stiffness across the tail. It is based on a 180 Racecarve but had the contact length shortened to 159cms from 162. So it really is a 180 metal racecarve 180 x 18.8 x 11.5m x 3mm taper, 159 contact. Quite turny as you will soon find out(-: BV
  2. BUMP - Coiler dropped to $350 Boots dropped $200 Buyer pays shipping
  3. Dropping the price on the Coiler from $650 to $500
  4. Hey carvedog - must have missed that. sorry my bad: Shell size 25-27.5/ Liner size 26 See photos
  5. Bump Boots and board stilll available. Catek bindings and plates sold. Thank you!
  6. Moved to Florida, selling to move to Kiteboarding. Custom Metal Coiler 180RC(180x18.8x11.5x159 contact) $650. Deeluxe Indy boots with modable liners, step in heels, blue springs $250. Catek OS2 bindings $150. Catek plates $50. $1100 total - take all for $1000. All equipment one owner and in great shape. Board never ground down. Tons of base and edge left. Normal wear on top sheet. All extra hardware for OS2s(standard bails,extra screws and allens), plus original parts for boots(original springs and heels) tossed in. You pay shipping.
  7. Do mean old, meaning old? or old, meaning old old?? lol Good seeing and riding with you toJesse. The news is - we may be going to Belleayre of Hunter on Sunday if you are interested. Joe
  8. I just busted my Arch strap on my Indy boots yesterday and with Bomber in Aspen I am seeing if anyone has anything I can get asap. Also looking for a pair of toe pads to match.
  9. what's up Bob - just realized a message came through. Sweet tht your so close-by. I do most of my dirt riding in PA and down jersey shore. Mostly enduro and starting to get into tight single track. I haven't been able to hook up with anyone close-by so I haven't found anything close enough yet. More than welcome to join me whenever I go.

    My boarding is mostly weekend early morning Mountain Creek. Although I did camelback yestday(before my hero day ended with a broken boot) - that is why I am on Bomber - need to purchase the strap so I can get up and going again.

    We also do various trips to hunter, Belleayre and others through the year. give me a shout 908-347-3162 Joe

  10. hey joe, long story short- saw your local and ride enduros and looking to ride. i'm over in blairstown and ride offroad and singletrack in particular.shoot me a message some time if you want to talk moto or carve up at camelback. bob- 201 841-4112

  11. If works goes as planned I will be there. Tony said he is coming to (skier).
  12. Keep us in the loop Erik. Not that I don't wish a slow Friday at work......I'm just saying.
  13. Erik!!! what's up?? Heard you rode with my nephew the othe day. Still folding up that 158 Madd huh? You ain't lying - the snow has been hero. Jtslalom, Dave and I sliced up South today. Give me a shout when your coming out again. Be good to get in some turns with you. On another note - We have a trip to Bellayre planned for this coming Fri. Let us know if you can make it. Jt started a thread on it.
  14. Hey Ken - My name is Joe and I live closeby in Fredon. I carve alot with JTslalom(Marc T) at creek. We were chatting and I mentioned I do alot of enduro on my KTM and I was looking for people and trails in the area to hook up with. He mentioned you. Let me know if he is correct. Of course it may be to cold now but before we know it riding weather will be back. I have a place at Rausch Creek Trail riders property. That is where I go most of the time. But the guys im in with ride quads so Im in the open stuff most of the time. Lookng for some tighter singel track or such.

    Looking forward to hearing from you, cell # 908-347-3162 anytime....Happy New Year!


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