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    Salt Lake City
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    Brighton Ski Resort
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    Graphic Artist
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    K2 - World Wide Weapon
    Rossignol - Sushi
    Burton - Bullet

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    32 somthings, they were cheap and I needed new boots.
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    Rome Targas set at +15° and -12° LFF for all mountain/some park riding.
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  1. SOLD. Selling a used 180cm x 20cm Kessler "The Alpine" Used for one season, but I can't ride anymore due to work and a knee injury. Hoping it goes to someone who can put it to good use. Can be ridden left foot forward (regular) or right foot forward (goofy) Asking $700 or best offer.
  2. Oops, nope that's just me being impatient while taking photos. I've added a picture of the damage. The bit of bubbling to the right of the ankle strap from the boot fitter.
  3. Designed for 195 - 210lbs I believe (88 - 95 kg) Stance width is 52cm Hope this help! I can look into shipping that far, but who knows in this world we live in today.
  4. SOLD I am selling a pair of Mountain Slope - Point .951 World Cup boots, used for one season. They are mondo size 27.5 There is slight damage from the boot fitter on the right boot making the removal of the insert more difficult, no damage to structure or function of the boot though. Also for sale is a pair of F2 - Race Titanium size Large bindings. All parts in images included. Asking $900 for both OR $800 for boots $200 for bindings I also have a 180cm x 20.0cm Kessler "The Alpine" for sale. PM for details or contact me with info below. text: 307-349-8630 email: forrest.sawyer7@gmail.com The Kessler board for sale
  5. I am selling a new, never used 2019 Thirst Superconductor 7.1 WARP. 175cm length 19.0cm waist width H35/41.75 389 U4 4DR Stance spread 52cm LFF .291 Specific questions are best answered by Mark (from Thirst boards) himself @ 208-929-2285 Serial # 11MAR19 0056 Sun Surface topsheet. Asking $800 OBO I have other items for sale and am willing to bundle. PM for Details Stored indoors with care in it's "baby blanket" shipping sleeve. text: 307-349-8630 email: forrest.sawyer7@gmail.com
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