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Coiler Titanal .3 or .4?


Coiler titanal .3 or .4?  

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  1. 1. For those of you that have been on both versions, which would you choose for a new board for yourself?

    • .3?
    • .4?

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I'm going to step way over the line and suggest that what he's saying is he will build the board to suite you whether it's 03 or 04 it's the other tweeks  to the core that make either thickness titinal work the way it should for your specific needs. Exactly the same core design the boards will be drastically different tweek the core profile and they can behave very similar. My best advice is get one of each  after all it's the top sheet that is most important .

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Bruce was saving his 0.3mm Titanal for boards for generally lighter riders, e.g. youth/women, think under 60kg. Have ridden both as an NFCE Torsion + and own one of the first NFCE made with 0.4 at the beginning of 2017. It was love at the first turn, I was just infatuated with her slimmer cousin I'd gone out with at SES 2015. Great edge hold and a more stealthy ride than say an MK. Fewer people hear you coming.

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Will soon find out today.   Have had a 013 Nirvana 174 6.5+5.5 with 0.3 titanal, very plush magic carpet ride that seemingly can read your mind before you have the thought of doing something.  And a new to me , to be ridden today 017  AM T 176 7.2 +4  with 0.4 titanal.  Will comment tonight.  

Tough to compare both of these boards as one is a Nirvana and the other an AM.

Great day, great snow conditions, very firm hardpack, 10 deg to 18 deg f all day.  Rode the AM T 176 with 0.4 titanal.    This board has a bigger board feel, and an overall stiffer presence.  At first was feeling out how it turned, but after some time becoming comfortable with it, realized that you really need to throw your weight into it to make the 12 scr turn quickly and get a swing going. The harder you hit it, the better it turns. This AM is a carver. Very fast, very comfortable and stable.  But to try to answer the question of 0.3 or 0.4,  for me at this time,  I would go with the 0.4mm titanal.  If I can compare the 2 different boards, the 0.4mm you can throw more energy at it and it will deliver in a higher performance manner than the 0.3mm.   IMO.        Am 6'-1" , 200 pounds plus.   

Quite  a change after riding the Mk for 2 years, forgot what a 12 scr rides like.

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Désolé pour la traduction Google

J'ai une autre marque de snowboard qui a utilisais le .3T et fait le même snowboard avec .4 et je préfère le .4

I have another snowboard brand that used .3T and it makes the same snowboard with .4 and I prefer the .4

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I have a .3mm NFCE 174 and a .4mm NFCE 178.   The  rest of my Coilers are .3mm.

I find the 178/.4 is grippier when I'm having an off-day, but the 174/.3 allows for more precise control when I'm on my game.    If I'm on true ice the 174/.3 wins hands down.   If the grooming is uneven the 178/.4 gets the nod.    

I hesitate to draw general conclusions about .3 vs .4 as I own only the one .4 board and have ridden only two.   For me, other concerns matter more... overall, these two NFCE's are the favorites in my quiver 



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