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ECES photos


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Here are Ben Safyrn (fishrising) pictures that he just posted on our ECES Facebook page. Ben thanks for shooting for event.

I posted of few of the pictures, you can only post 3 at a time. If someone whats to post more links go ahead.

We are waiting on one more set of pictures.




love this one of ACE


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Some good PR for us

"A Hot Spot for Alpine Boarding"

Courtney from Stratton Mountain marketing showed up at the demo tent, interviewed a few of the attendees and Todd Brown jumped all over the opportunity take Courtney out for the first time on hardboots. I think it may have something to do with how cute she was??? Courtney went out on the women's ride with Steph as well.

Here is a video of her first time carving.


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ECES organizer extraordinaire and camera hog The Baron Von GeoffMeister Brau

Thanks TT! I had some questions so he's got a PM!

Cool video GeoffV!

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ps- Geoff if you didn't get my PM send me a note my emails in my sig.
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