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  1. maybe some marketing playing into it, with an already pre-planned earlier close date....maybe, but....https://berkshireeast.com/the-resort/blog/statement-on-covid-19 "Berkshire East will close for the season today, Thursday, March 12 at 4pm and Catamount Ski Area will not reopen this weekend. COVID-19 has been discovered in the surrounding hill towns and multiple people are being quarantined"
  2. You've got quite a few on this board from/in Maine: from pure talent, to awesome teachers, to great coaches...I'm sure they will chime in...
  3. So...here is where I landed only using the adjustability of the bindings. I have not cut, grinded nor modified anything. Thoughts on how things look? Any concern on the minimal toe bail thread showing? Any concern with how the heel is engaged? Still might go after long plates. But this might work for the interim.
  4. Thanks! Emailed him a few day’s ago and just now PM’d him. Will call early next week at the number I saw on his site if I don’t hear from him electronically first.
  5. Anyone know if bomber@bomberonline.com email is valid for Walker at Bomber by Gumbo?
  6. Little dremel work, wouldn’t take much...hhhhmmm
  7. Ugh....looks like I have the regular length plates for both sets of my TD3s...and BSL of 332mm. Time to reach out to Bomber/Gumbo...
  8. I'll have to check my other pair of TD3s as well, but I am now thinking the pair I began to fit to my new boots are regular (short) plates.....ugh..... I recall taking note that the inner set of holes were right next to slots for mounting to the cant disk. I know I requested long plates when I ordered them years ago, but since my Head boots fit in them I never questioned that I didn't get long plates...
  9. What do the locals/regulars think for Saturday 1/11? Too much wind? Potential gusts shutting the lifts down? Rain doesn’t look bad and not until mid-afternoon. Worth a chance? My kids only have so many days to get out this year between basketball, volleyball, theater, CCD, Boy Scouts, etc...they can handle some rain, but lots of wind holds with not make the trip worth it. And into VT doesn’t look much better.
  10. I'll take some pics tonight. But all possible adjustments are "maxed" out. Last step is micro-adjusting the toe bail. I am 99% sure I have the long base plates, but if someone has a measurement for the actual length of the long plate, I can double check that against mine.
  11. You guys rock! Thank you all! Quite the write-up @Wolf! Based on where I am, on the threads, I think I am in the "safe" zone...
  12. Got it mounted up with TD3 SI. In another post I asked about what the max extension of the toe bails are. Put a set of F2 RS SI on my old 187, but not sure I’m going to even try them. Hearing questionable things about that binding and my size/weight, but they adjusted fine to my new 31.5 boots. Now to see what I have in the parts bin for my older 200. Had OS2s SI on it, without an issue for many seasons, but am now 2nd guessing that as well....
  13. How far into the threads of the toe bail on a TD3 SI (long plate) can you safely go? IE can you see some threads on the toe bail and be safe? I’ve got new size 31.5 325s and had to make a full turn or two to maximize the extension of the to bail in order for my boot to fit. I’ll check the sole length tomorrow. But there are longer than my old Head Stratos Pro boots for sure. Had to slide the toe bail out one notch on its base and lengthen the toe bails to the point where I’m a turn or two into the threads.
  14. Looking for a pair of used long plate sidewinders (for mondo 31.5 boots), anyone selling a pair?
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