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  1. Heading to Stratton on Monday, Pres. Day. Come on out!
  2. I'm thinking of going up on Wed. 2/5. Any takers?
  3. Kym and I carved up the Thunder Dome on Friday. That guy can lay it right down on the snow! Conditions were excellent on Exhibition and Lower Comp. Great snow making going on at night. I saw Roy at Catamount today, he says that Mark was in town on Sat. Anyone see him?
  4. For you weekday carvers, I'll be there on Friday 1/31. Come on out!
  5. Sorry, Micheal. I just saw this. Great carving on the flatter snowmaking trails. The more narrow trails were pretty scraped down. The trails not open have sticks and brush poking out of the snow.
  6. Buggs.. you GOTTA get out here. Everyone's been asking for ya!
  7. I'm heading to Stratton tomorrow (Friday) in case anyone else is going too....
  8. Great snow on MLK Day! Fast, Firm - not hard, excellent grip, no ice, side to side on Comp and Exhibition. Every day should be this good.
  9. Great! Thanks for the update.
  10. Monday, MLK Day is looking good! Come on out !
  11. We had a great day at the BEast on Tuesday after the 18" snowstorm. Officially limited to a handful of open trails, but there were tracks on every trail and glade. It was great for softbootin'. Heading up again on Sat 12/7. Expecting more open terrain. Hoping that Exhibition will be open and cord. It was closed on Tues. COME ON OUT!
  12. I think the toe cleat acts a a bumper to keep your boot from sliding out of the otherwise unrestrained side of the binding. What I keep hoping for is a "good" binding rotation mechanism that lets me rotate my front foot to a pointing-straight-ahead position when I'm in the lift line. THAT would be awesome!
  13. I've ridden with 3/4" homemade risers under my K2 Cinch bindings. The ride feels the same to me, but I don't bootout as often when riding low angles like +10,0 or +10,-10. I think it makes a big difference. Mine are made from PVC trimboard , weigh only a few ounces and cost only a few $.
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