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    Burlington, CT
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    Stratton, BEast, lower VT
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    Coiler Nirvana Balance (WOO HOO !)
    Ride Berserker (oh yeah!)
    Aggression Aggro (circa 1990)
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    Deeluxe 225
    K2 Darko - for Softbootin'
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    F2 Step-in 55, 45; 45,25; 45,30
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  1. Heading out for Sunday 3/7! Come and join in the fun. Nice sunny day is forecast.
  2. Understood, too much time away can be a point of contention.
  3. He told me the BEast. Come on out there on Sunday (3/7). I bought my ticket! Robbin will there too. TDD are you in?
  4. I check the classifieds here for used gear and this FB group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/736314186478431
  5. The round base plate is hard plastic and the oval pads are "soft" foam. I use both the Titanflex and Titanium on my 2 boards. I don't really notice a difference. Titanflex configuration "should" be more cushy.
  6. I don't see a picture. ??? I's hard to visualize without one.
  7. I've planned for Friday with a few skiing friends. I think Sat is out for me. Maybe next time.
  8. Thanks! I'm still learning every time out.
  9. Those 360 vids are terrific! Thanks for putting them up!
  10. Unfortunately, the Wachussett session schedule and $$ will prevent me from going there this year.
  11. Here's a pair of really nice Deeluxe wrap boot liners. Removed from Track boots. I don't think they have been used. They came as extras when I bought my boots used. Too small for me, I guess they were also too small for the original purchaser. Labeled US 10 1/2. I'm a 10 1/2 and my toes are bumping the front. Comfortably good for a US 10. See the video for a good look at them. Asking only $50 plus shipping.
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