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  1. I have 2 new sets of heel pads from Head Stratus Pro Boots which should fit just the same on Deeluxe boots, send me a message if you are interested
  2. VIRUS SCALPEL 180 in great conditions, $550.00 shipped in the continental US only (paypal friend/family no fees) around 25 days of use and mostly half days, waist is 21.5 cm. the Virus sidecut is always a mystery but I’m guessing around 12m. average, usual lift line marks on the top sheet but the base looks great and was never ground, the edges are sharp, there is wax on the base just scrape it and it’s ready to rip, not as stiff as your average Virus, just a great all mountain carver with great edge hold, one time I used it in 10-12 inches of fresh snow over hard pack and I didn’t have any pr
  3. you can try to contact them through ebay and tell them you want the same deal we got http://www.ebay.com/itm/176-Carving-...item233a978eec
  4. like i said before, i have nothing to do with them but if anybody wants one, here it is: http://www.ebay.com/itm/176-Carving-snowboard-made-in-America-/151306866412?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item233a978eec
  5. Hi Lance, I received the board today and I am looking at it right now, looks good to me, the base looks flat and smooth ( no funky grind spots) the edges are sharp and straight (no accidental magnetraction to be seen) the top doesn't have a scratch on it, it looks like a brand new board with no visible defects and it came with a sealed plastic sleeve, I won't be able to try it until next season. Is it possible that the first one you got was a demo or a prototype or just some kind of mistake? did you already get the second board and does it look as bad as the first one or does it look like a n
  6. I won one of those on ebay for $50.00 plus $32.66 for shipping and they sent me a message asking if I wanted to buy more, apparently they have about 30 they need to sell and this is what they said You can use coupon code ebayaxer at americangearcompany.com for the same deal if you wish. I am in no way affiliated with them but if you want to get the same deal feel free to try and see if the coupon works, even if you just need a rock board or a loaner you really can't beat that deal $82.66 shipped
  7. here it is http://wintersportdeals.mybisi.com/product/snowboard-racing-164cm-riot-snowboard-snowjam-2008
  8. I vote for Saturday Sunday March 22/23 I might go up this weekend too I heard they are finally opening up chair 4 and 6 at June
  9. It almost sounds like you are saying the Swoard was copied from the WildDuck'95-shape. Here is a link for a Wild Duck "Knifer TD" from 94/95 season so you can compare pictures. You might be right, the Swoard looks exactly like a copy of the Wild Duck. http://www.snowboardmuseum.de/board/show/id/495
  10. I just checked the site again to make sure and it still says "Bomber Carving Community" it doesn't say "Bomber hardbooting Community" I ride both, it's good to know I'm still allowed here on those days I ride on softboots
  11. i am a little confused, if the first quote is correct, than, shouldn't the larger bolt require a longer engagement length because the diameter of the larger bolt is bigger
  12. i switched to TD3 SW step in and i couldn't be happier, you have all the benefits of the Sidewinders with the convenience of step in, i started the season on them and never looked back, i didn't try standard SW and step in SW back to back so i really can't tell you if the step in are any stiffer then the standard, they did not feel stiff to me and because they have the side to side flexibility i don't think step in would be stiffer then standard, by the way, i use them with blue E-rings and i'm 215 before breakfast (maybe somebody tried them both back to back and can chime in)
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