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  1. The only other hardbooter I've seen locally in the past few years has been @dgCarve on midweek nights at Snoqualmie West. It's lonely out there.
  2. jng

    Race training

    Sounds like a Karate Kid approach to training. Course time will always be limited, so I see the value of being able to train off-course. When you finally get in gates, are you working on reading the course, anticipation, dealing with variable course conditions, etc.?
  3. jng

    Race training

    @Dw3 Can you elaborate more on what the daily schedule looks like? Not that I don't enjoy freeriding, but 99% of my riding is freeriding, so really looking to get plenty of time running gates. Thanks!
  4. jng

    Race training

    I need to step up my racing game. I race in a beer league, getting two runs once a week. I feel like a deer in headlights on the course, not anticipating, not committing the edge. Some mileage and coaching will do me good. There's a camp at Mt Hood in summer. Does anyone know of any other multi-day programs for adults in US or Canada? Looking for next season. Thanks!
  5. Softboot carving has finally stepped up, but I would argue that it does not help to promote hardbooting. The majority would decide that the cost (financial, wearing "ski" boots, looking like a freak, learning time) for a perceived marginal performance benefit is not worth it. One only needs to look at the softboot carving videos from Japan and Korea to realize that most riders are far from extracting all the possible performance from a softboot set up. For the outside observer, top level softboot carvers look every bit as impressive as a hardbooter, so where is the motivation to make an investment in time and money? Their opinion would differ once they got on a hardboot setup, but as we all know, the opportunities to try before you buy are slim.
  6. Monoskier pulled up behind me in line. Me: Usually people confuse me for a monoskier Mono: You could turn that into a monoski Me: (under my breath) Why the hell would I do that?
  7. UPZ liner size 5, not US 5. I added for folks familiar with UPZ's weird sizing system. See photo where there's a small 5 on the cuff. Mondo size is correct.
  8. 2019 model used a few days, molded once. UPZ liner size 5 which fits 25-25.5. $50 plus shipping.
  9. Width is definitely noticeable as you change edges. If you change edges slowly, it feels almost like two discrete motions rather than a smooth roll. The effect can be minimized with technique, so I would still recommend trying it as there is so much good about the board. It holds an edge nearly as well as a hardboot board, and handles powder, bumps, and chop better than any freeride board I have ever ridden. The only time I would bother with my powder board now is if I know I can get untracked all day and there are flat sections I need to get past. The shallow nose dives in powder if you don't carry speed.
  10. Any reason why your front foot angle is so steep? Shallower angles will make toesides easier to initiate.
  11. Cannot stress enough to focus on form over weight. There’s no shame with starting with just the bar. Too easy to get injured.
  12. Many strength building programs recommend only 1 day of deadlifting per week. It’s tough on the body if you’re lifting heavy. Recommend mixing squats in.
  13. There are signs alerting folks that there are no walk up tickets in Enumclaw about 40 miles from Crystal just before heading onto the 2-lane mountain road . On Saturday, they sent a text at 7:18 that if you had not passed Enumclaw, you would not find parking. On Sunday they did not run out of parking. The difference was that Saturday was a powder day (a few feet during the week, with a 5" Friday night refresh). It was glorious, but getting the family out of the house at 5:20 was brutal. I think Crystal is mostly trying to preserve their reputation, and fend off all the angry calls from people who prepaid for tickets. Parking was the limiting factor, not on-mountain crowds. Lift lines were long, but better than holiday lift lines at destination resorts. I don't think we can completely blame Ikon. This weekend showed that great conditions were the driving factor. However, on powder days, Ikon pass holders probably have a disproportionate impact since they have no reason not to hit the slopes; whereas, the $138 weekend rates would force a non-pass holder to make one extra decision.
  14. Yellow 0 & 3 degrees $100 plus shipping
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