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  1. Interesting. What is width of shovel and rise of nose?
  2. https://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?lat=47.41873000000004&lon=-121.41200999999995 5-9" tonight, another 5-9" during the day. Sounds like a pow day rather than a carving day.
  3. @west carven great riding with you! Thanks for showing us around. After lunch, we bumped into@johnasmo and @dredman on Big Ravine and ran a few laps with them. Look forward to coming back!
  4. I am interested in plate if you do not find a buyer for both board and plate.
  5. Welcome, @Dhkim559! I personally find those resorts too busy on a weekend for hardbooting. Can you make it up to Summit West on a Friday night? I take my son up there for racing, so I'm usually just running laps on hardboots. Did you get gear yet? I have an old Rossi that was given to me that I could pay forward, but recommend something more modern if you can get your hands on one. I also used to be an instructor, so would be happy to give some tips. 2/12 would be ideal as I plan to get there when night riding opens that night. Jeff.
  6. It'll be really easy to paint that fringy picture with footage of just the the one-piece suit riders.
  7. Really it shouldn't. As much as I love Crystal for off-piste, it has mediocre carving terrain with subpar grooming. Mission Ridge is the best carving mountain in the WA Cascades. MCC is less than an 8 hr drive away for you. If you're serious about getting better, you need to get there. No amount of forum advice will substitute.
  8. I just rode my Backland Pros + Link Levers for first time for some early BC powder turns. I am seriously considering replacing my freeride resort setup - Malamute/Flows. The Backland flex is softer than my current setup even with stiffest springs (which I am technically underweight for), but it didn't feel too soft, at least in powder. I'll need to test in other conditions before I decide to pull the trigger.
  9. Even the 325s do not have enough forward flex IMHO. Mod them (or 700s) with BTS aftermarket springs sold by Bomber. Or you can go with UPZs which have built in springs.
  10. Subject is misleading. It was actually the Sea to Sky in Squamish. Not the Peak 2 Peak in Whistler. https://www.tetongravity.com/story/news/news-sea-to-sky-gondola-cable-cut-for-second-time
  11. I am looking to put together my first splitboard setup. Here's a wishlist. Let me know what you've got. Freeride board - 160-165ish Hardboot bindings (Spark DH or Phantom) Atomic Backlands - size 25.5
  12. You can put me and my 12 year old son on the list for next year. Thanks!
  13. You guys are quite optimistic given the news and the realities of crowded lodges. I’m writing off the season but plan to hit montucky and maybe whitefish in same trip. Basically anywhere where the crowds aren’t. Will probably miss my annual trip to Sun Peaks as I don’t expect Canada to welcome yanks.
  14. Can anyone join for gate training? Willing to drive down from Seattle to run gates.
  15. The only other hardbooter I've seen locally in the past few years has been @dgCarve on midweek nights at Snoqualmie West. It's lonely out there.
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