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  1. Yellow 0 & 3 degrees $100 plus shipping
  2. @1xsculler It’s ok to like what you like but you are at the wrong mountain. Grooming and terrain at Crystal are suboptimal for carving. It’s a much better mountain for off piste. I would be bored too. Mission Ridge is the best in western Washington if all you want to do is carve.
  3. jng

    Park City 2019-2020

    Always a pleasure to meet hardbooters in the real world. Happy new year!
  4. jng

    Park City 2019-2020

    We leave tomorrow morning unfortunately. Enjoy the pow! Btw, this will be my setup
  5. jng

    Park City 2019-2020

    We spent the last few days in soft boots so we could explore more terrain, and to keep things interesting for my other son who’s a skier. Yesterday was mostly trees at McConkeys and Jupiter. Amazing that there was so much powder several days after a storm during the holidays. Today there will be two of us hardbooting. Thanks for the photo. We’ll be on the lookout and will likely move towards Canyons as the crowds build.
  6. jng

    Park City 2019-2020

    Will look for you. Will be riding either a Fullbag Diamond Blade or white Coiler with octopus graphic. If you see a grom hardbooting on a Factory Prime, he’s with me.
  7. jng

    Park City 2019-2020

    I will be at PC between Christmas and New Years. Forecast looks dry so will be bringing hard boots. Any recommendations for trails to hit or avoid during holiday week? Thanks!
  8. Saw this on my YouTube feed and was shocked to see a carving screenshot for a slopestyle video. Watch to the end and prepare for disappointment.
  9. Good size for kids up to 10 years old or so. $120 plus shipping.
  10. jng

    Donek Incline 160

    Actually, it's not stripped. After looking at it more carefully, I noticed that it's just threaded for a smaller bolt. Strange quality control miss from Donek. Updated post.
  11. jng

    Donek Incline 160

    I had this custom built for me in 2016 for off-piste freeriding, but I decided to go with something different. 160cm, 24cm wide for a 150# rider. Insert distances from narrowest to widest - 15" to 21.5". 3rd insert from top on right is threaded for a smaller screw. Attached are some photos of rock damage. I have ptexed the gouges, and included one of the repair pics. $300 plus shipping
  12. Are you interested in selling just bindings?
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