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Olympics use snowboarding for hype not competition

Cindy Kleh

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You would think with all of the hype given to the sport of snowboarding during the Winter Olympics (for example, the opening ceremonies) that there would be more than 3 snowboarding events. There's so many skiing and ice skating events ... why not slalom? Super-G? Slopestyle? Big air?

because as you said it's about hype not sports.

all about money, from what I can tell the IOC does not care about anything other than money. They **** athletes, the people where the games are held and the local governments where they are held all for the benefit of coca cola and other advertisers as well as big developers. most places the games go they end up in a fiscal hole that they can't dig themselves out of for a decade or more.

the one that went the best is atlanta, but even atlanta's games took it's toll on the working poor in the city. the olympics tend to leave a trail of high unemployment and massive deficits which is one of the better ways to encourage poverty in your city.

to have the games it often means displacing lots of people, almost always poor people. yeah, **** the olympics.

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Disclaimer: I know absolutely nothing about the Olympics, or who watches it, but my guess is:

1) Young people don't watch the Olympics, so not a ton of people are actually watching snowboarding at the Olympics.

2) The Olympics is not smart/proactive/capable enough to win over young viewers who would rather be watching Nitro Circus.

Thus not much emphasis on snowboarding in the Olympics.

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what bobdea said

I agree 1000%. For all the high and mightiness of the Olympics the entire venue and philosophy of the games were sold out a long time ago, all thats left is a bunch of smoke and mirrors with regular announcements by the IOC 'how important this all is', self congratulation, and a **** ton of money to make off people.

I remember some people saying the whole games changed when that anti corporate president resigned in the 80s or something, but for me it was the Atlanta games, the merchandising and commercials just killed it for me, and I still remember the Norway games. Now the Olympics are just as pepsicolaGMhsbcbankofamericaNIKEetcetc as any other sports championship.

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Don't hold back guys ... you're being too nice!

So you just don't watch it at all? Even the PGS? I gotta imagine that even die-hard carvers want to see Shawn White's Olympic halfpipe run.

yeah, I'll watch events somewhere like ninjavideo.com. basically doing my best to avoid giving anyone ratings. well, a TV helps with that and I don't have one in a room in this house I like being in so it's easy.

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most places the games go they end up in a fiscal hole that they can't dig themselves out of for a decade or more.

This Olympics has to be the worst marketing disaster in the history of Whistler/Blackcomb. Who would ever book a vacation there, now knowing the risk of this weather?

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This Olympics has to be the worst marketing disaster in the history of Whistler/Blackcomb. Who would ever book a vacation there, now knowing the risk of this weather?

Here is what it was like in rainy Whistler yesterday. Everyone I meet is loving the Whistler experience. I rode a lift with a French alpine coach yesterday and he was just raving about how great these games have been. I thought he was going to kiss my wife on the mouth.




At the village level, the rain is doing nothing to dampen the enthusiasm. The Victory Celebration on Saturday was jam packed. It was also tremendous fun. The crowd wouldn't let medalists leave the stage. High fives, posing for photos - the organisers had to practically push them off to keep the proceedings going. When All-American Rejects hit the stage, even old fogies like me were dancing in the mosh pit.

All of you moaning about the commercialisation of the Olympics - name a sport that hasn't been commercialised. Watch a European hockey game, the players themselves are human billboards. How about auto racing? Sailing? X-Games? It's the marketing dollars that make it all happen. Maybe we should go back to running in bare feet wearing white underwear?

I left my cynicism behind when I got on the plane for Whistler and I am having the time of my life.



Some marketing disaster.

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Right on, Jack! Glad you're enjoying it.

I'm enjoying it too by TV. I didn't have a TV for 9 years, and this is the first Olympics in a long time that I have been able to really watch. Just seeing top athletes perform in any sport intrigues me. (Love Lycra!) :1luvu:

I agree that the commercialism and esp the sugar-coated bios on each star can make the whole package harder to swallow, but I've been fascinated with the whole marketing package of the Olympics (sorry, media's my field). It's hard to believe they pull it off every four years ... in a new city. It would seem greener to reuse some of those Olympic venues.

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I know the idea's been floated.

Run the summer games in Athens. Select another likely safe weather location for the winter Olympics.

Latter selection should at least anticipate the possibility that warming climate is likely, so err on the side of extreme latitude and altitude. (Patagonia, maybe?)

Won't happen, but most cities do take a real financial bath on hosting the games.


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Cypress is smaller, and right in Vancouver. Whistler is taller and a ~2 hour drive north

I am a Vancouver local.

The city of Vancouver rarely has snow in the winter. The weather is almost identical to Seattle's, which is 2 hours drive away. Typically there may be snow on the ground only a few days in the winter. For the last hundred years or so, the 15th of February average high temperature is 46°F. The average low is 36°F. For a Vancouverite, anything below 32°F is considered "extreme." Vancouver is at sea level on the shore of the Pacific Ocean.

Cypress Mountain is located on the outskirts of the city. The snowboarding and ski freestyle events are here. The base elevation is around 2300 feet.

The other mountain venue is Whistler (two hours drive away), where it is a snowy winter wonderland with real winter temperatures and tons of snow.

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