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    2009 UPZ RC10 (Mondo Point 25) with Conform'able custom footbeds
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    2009 F2 Race Titanium
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  1. The Eagle & Easy Rider chairs are open. Fork to Lower Panorama. Snow was slightly firm due to the lower freezing level, around 300 or 400 metres. There are some pebbles and the occasional rock, but NBD, cuz easy to see in advance. Used a rock board, just in case. Bluebird.
  2. Pow Tuesday was a good 12" of dry freshies. Sun too!
  3. Hey the frontside 3 into a frontside euro carve was the best!
  4. Hey I got the car pushed out of the parking spot on Friday too!
  5. It was mini-pow this morning. About 3" fresh.
  6. This morning the corduroy was medium-firm softpack. Hero. They are running Pistenbullys on the Panorama side. I wouldn't be surprised if they open it soon.
  7. The snow was hero cord. It was sunny. Cafeteria was open too.
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