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  1. Bored of how your board looks? I bought a used board from a racer. The base was in great condition, the top sheet a little scratched, and lots of ‘riser rash’. So I bought some adhesive carbon-style covering used for cars from Ebay, bought some stickers from the same place...and hey presto, a House of Stark race board. Total spend, $25, and 45 mins of my time! I’d recommend only doing it on glossy top sheet boards, for better adhesive results. I’ve done this before on brand new boards with graphics I didn’t love. When you peel it off before you resell it, it looks brand new!
  2. Thanks @Jack M and @daveo.Interesting... I have been using the Carbonium as exactly that, for the sometimes brutal Utah lift lines. When you wax the topsheet, how physically do you do it? Rub on? Iron? Super soft wax or super hard?
  3. What do you find the pluses are? Im willing to have my mind changed I’ve gone for carbonium in the past, to withstand lift line abuse
  4. I have a spot in the build list, for early next winter. I’m not sure exactly what I want, but I’ve got plenty of time to work it out. I already have the perfect soft boot carver with my BXFR. I definitely want a quick turning alpine board, but can’t decide whether I want a direct replacement for my Kessler 162 SL (which I’ll sell at the start of next season, together with my Kessler 171)... Or something more like an Angryy. I LOVE quick turns, a consequence of a lifetime of skateboard slalom racing! I’d want the board to grip like to a blanket, on ice, and not be adverse to running some gates , if I venture back into USASA territory, as I enter the 60+ category . Maybe a Angryy that doesn’t demand to have turns fully finished? I’m happy to leave the sidecut, flex pattern and camber height to Bruce, as I can’t decide between a progressive sidecut and a 10m radial 162 in length, possibly 20cm wide (I like flatter binding angles), Ghost White graphics and either a carbonium topsheet or a glossy one. Bring on the winter! #WinterIsComing
  5. I was pretty close too, but I’d only just ordered a Slalom-type wider alpine version of the Angryy ! I do love the SGs though...
  6. Trust me, it’ll more than fill that niche... it’ll be love at first turn!
  7. PM headed your way!
  8. I’d definitely call it predictable @daveo, rather than poppy...
  9. I totally agree! I’m thinking I might order an Angryy from Bruce for tight, finished turns and steeps, and find a second hand SG for actual gates
  10. Emdee406

    SL board

    Thanks. I’ve just ordered something from Coiler, but that won’t be around until mid-winter...but I’m still a ‘maybe’, and I’d love to see it. It’s my fave alpine board, so I might still be tempted. I could amend my order with Bruce, and make it a board that finishes turns, rather than a Slalom Board that doesn’t, and get the SG to race on
  11. Emdee406

    SL board

    How much are you looking for, and do you have any photos of it? Thanks
  12. Emdee406


    As you said @Jack M, especially is Spring conditions, the displaced snow has to go somewhere ps @Calle, love that sequence!
  13. Just want to see what’s out there... I’m on the hunt for either an SG 163 or possibly a Coiler Angryy... I want something tight turning and those would be my first choices. I currently own a Kessler 162, which I like...but I LOVED the SGs I tried, more I’d also be up for trading the Kessler, for the right board too... Failing that, I’ll put in an Angryy order with Bruce, but as he’s slowing down production, the earliest I’ll get it is probably a year from now. Thanks
  14. Emdee406

    SL board

    Is this still available? Thanks
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