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    Park City and Canyons resorts, Utah. 🇺🇸
    Previously Les Deux Alpes and Serre Chevalier, France. 🇫🇷
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    Snowboard Teacher, Current Trainer/Examiner. Professional Skateboard Slalom Racer. Flight Attendant and Voice Over artist.
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    Kessler Race 171 & 162,
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    Sims 2018/19 Limited Édition Terry Kidwell RT2 158X
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    Head Stratos Pro boots
    Salomon Trek S/Lab soft boots.
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    F2 Titanium Race bindings mounted on Gecko Carve risers on the Kesslers.
    Burton Diodes on the Sims,
    Ride El Hefe 2018 on the Yes,
    Ride El Hefe 2019 with Gecko Stealth plates on the Coiler.
    Salomon Quantums on the Matrix
    Burton Diodes on NS
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  1. Canyons is always quieter! Let me know if you’re headed back sometime!
  2. I work part time at Park City/Canyons, so I’m an Epic guy... Thats where I’ll mostly be, teaching/riding, when I’m not flying. Let me know if you are going to make it to PC! Martin
  3. Hey there, how long are you in PC? I live there and teach part time on the mountain. I’m out of town for another day, but I’ll be back soon. Not much open yet, but if it’s going to dump that much, I might have to get out! LMK Martin
  4. I thought the same about the Yes sidecut, and was concerned that it wouldn’t be stable at speed. Well, when I got it 2 seasons ago, I spent 4 days on it in a row riding with a student I’ve been teaching since he was 9...he’s now 22 and rides better and faster than most of the Instructors in our snowboard school, loves powder and speed. I got it up to 60 mph and it was rock solid, nothing twitchy about it at all despite the sidecut. It’s a mid-wide which helps. It edged out my Sims TK Roundtail as my go-to soft boot board because of its incredible powder snow capabilities, while still a great carver.
  5. I definitely add my vote for the Yes Optimistic, great soft boot carver, and outstanding in powder. It has a super tight sidecut so wants to carve with very little encouragement, and that also makes it super maneuverable in trees. Designed to be ridden short, it’s a mid-wide, so plenty of surface area to keep it floating. A definite quiver killer, a no-brainer for my Japan trip last winter, handled everything thrown at it! #shortfattiesrule
  6. I think it’s mostly the Pencil model in the carving portions, but also the Café Racer model which I owned for a few weeks a couple of seasons ago, and although a reasonable carver, it was nowhere near as good as the soft boot carvers most ride on here. Not the best edge hold under lots of pressure Their new carving board however, the Bullet Train Plus sounds like a step up hopefully. https://www.koruashapes.com/plus/model/bullet-train-plus?utm_source=KORUA+Shapes+Master+List+(English)&utm_campaign=410424fbe5-Bullet+Train+Release+Newsletter+-+EN+LIST&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_4d6f14d696-410424fbe5-586765493
  7. A friend sent me this... https://gearpatrol.com/2019/11/15/snowboard-boots-history/
  8. Emdee406

    Big White SBX

    Has anyone raced or ridden the SBX course at Big White, British Columbia? I’ve got a big race there next March, and I’m trying to get any insights... Thanks!
  9. The latest from Shim Hoom Films...lots of familiar names.
  10. There’s some great advice on this thread, and I’m repeating, as a former snowboard retailer for 20yrs, that the best boot is the one that fits your foot shape. Only through trying on as many brands as you can, will you find your ‘sole’ mate Nike, Rome, and Salomon work best for me. After my previous Nikes finally died, I was all set to get the Salomon Malamute, a benchmark stiff soft boot. As luck would have it, the Salomon area rep was in the store, and after discussing my needs, suggested a different model. The S-Lab Trek. I’ve used them for a season so far and absolutely LOVED them! I’m wearing them in video reviews of the Coiler BXFR, and the Alloy DO elsewhere on this site. They can be ridden stiff, or adjusted to a virtual walk mode, and everything in between. It makes for an extremely versatile boot, plus the breaking in period was the easiest of any soft boot I’d ridden in 30+yrs of softies, due to the fact I could make them stiffer as time went on. Try a pair on if you get the chance.
  11. I needed a full board bag, 3 boards and bindings, helmet, clothing, tools, wax etc, probably weighing 75lbs, shipped from Park City to Lake Placid, for a race. I was flying standby, and didn’t feel confident that my gear would arrive on time. With my airline we get 75% off with Fedex, but someone suggested the company below, who actually not only beat that price, but it STILL went with FedEx! Sports Overnight 1235 North Loop West Suite 308 Houston, Tx 77008 www.SportsOvernight.com They collected it from my door, and the bag arrived at the hotel before I did! After the race, they collected it from the hotel and delivered it back to my door. Fantastic service, highly recommended
  12. It’s not a style that I’m into, but that’s irrelevant. I appreciate and recognize the skill involved, I just choose not to focus on it for myself...why would I diss and marginalize a part of an already marginalized part of snowboarding? It’s like disregarding soft boot carving, because it’s something you’re not into. #manywaysdown
  13. I've had success with Rome Targas, Ride El Hefes, and Burton Diodes. All super responsive and durable...but then I really love stiff bindings, that also give me the ankle flex and fine control that Flows didn't.
  14. I remember riding Tamworth Snowdome when it first opened! Interesting...
  15. You should...I was about to head to Japan when my 3rd pair of wired ones failed. The guy in the store took them back and invited me to pay the difference and upgrade to the wireless, as he had, and they performed faultlessly.
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