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Ray's Way - WAX WHIZard

Pat Donnelly

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hot wax, in particular when there is dirty snow, its kind of like cleaning and oiling a gun

after every use swipe the barrel and a little oil rubbed wherever you might have touched to protect your blueing and every thing will work well your next time out but every now and again take it all apart and clean it out good and in some cases apply heavy grease to some of the moving parts.

for most of the time the wax wizard does the job but to say it totally replaces a good hot wax is pushing it.

one of the things you are doing when you hot wax is lifting out allot of the dirt and other nasties that get on your base, the wizard will not acomplish this.

I have one though and use it allot, its great and worth every penny, in particular if you suddenly realized its 20 degrees warmer than you thought it was gonna be that day.

it works best with softer waxes, with super hard waxes it does not work well at all but these waxes only come out in january anyway.

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I have one, and use it occasionally. Question for you guys, how often do you clean the screens, and how do you usually clean it?

Mine gets clogged up with wax pretty quickly.

You can roll the thing if there is wax in it. I brush it out with a hard plastic brush which I also use for my board to get the wax off. It's a result of using too much wax. I iron my boards and skies of my son and wife once a season and furthermore with this great tool.

Greets, Hans.

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Earlier thread reminded me to ask if others here have tried this?


I have yet to try this but it sounds like a lot less pain than using the old iron.

D-Sub, I think you were on to this weren't you?

I had an interest in that and his other tools last year, but realized I kinda like the whole hot wax thing. WW seems great for "touch up" waxing, but I like to hot scrap, and since Ive started doing the rub-on method instead of dripping, Ive used a lot less wax.

still kinda keen on tryin one of these out. maybe I still will

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I don't use it as a substitute for hot waxing but in conjunction with. I'll WHIZard by decks each time I take them out and then hot wax when it looks/feels like they need it. PNW snow can be very abrasive and can pull wax out of a base quikcly, and I find that occasional hotwaxing is necessary to get it in there deep enough.

When I hot wax I often use the WHIZard rather than a brush to finish.

The WHIZard rocks for waxing my 4807, which has a not-so-flat base and is tricky as hell to get scraped clean.

I clean mine now and then, when the caked-up wax looks dirty, just soap and water.

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Now that I let Mike do his PTC structure thing with my boards, and then use the WHIZard to wax, it's truly amazing how much less $$$ and time I spend on wax and waxing...a little Dominator Graphite Zoom, and some Dominator Graphite Base Renew every two weeks or so on my black race bases, and that's it. I might hot wax every now and then for tricky spring conditions, and use the iron to put a thick summer protector coat on, but that's it.

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I bought it last year and really like it as well. It can't replace a good hot wax for the beginning of the season, but it works great to keep you going throughout the season. I also cheated once I got it. I took a sample of the fabric to my local fabric store and bought a yard of it. Then, I cut a piece of PVC to the width of my board and made my own shim to hold the cloth and can do my whole board in one swipe. Buying the extra cloth also made it possible for me to use a different cloth for each kind of wax I use so I don't mix the waxes.

The thing that I really like is the edge tuner. Using the sandpaper does a great job of polishing the edge and making it really sharp without taking away much material. Of course iof you have rock dings and such a file will still be needed to get them out, but for basic tuning it works awseome.

Two thumbs up from me. :biggthump:biggthump

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I think strider is the first to have mentioned the edge tool

vaguelyevilguy: i spoke with Ray about the edgers, and one thing he pointed out was that the initial bevel would be quite the pain to get with his tools. a file is needed.

after that though...just a stone for burrs, and these tools for polishing and sharpening I guess...

I was bummed to see he had raised his prices recently.

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I an very much considering ordering one of these... are they as good for the between hot wax jobs as is sounds? I don't fully understand how it works but I guess if all the cerebral people here think it is good then it probably is.

In general I like Ray's stuff. I started with a Wax Whizard last year, and got the base and side bevelers and a Hi-Glide this year.

The two bevelers are *not* good for actually setting a bevel on your edges but once they are set, Ray's tools are great for maintainenece work. They leave a nice polished edge with almost no effort - I will use these tools after a couple of beers but not a file. I haven't used the hi-glide yet - that gets used after I ride :-)

I am following Mike DeSantis (PTC) recommendation on waxing - iron in base prep wax at the beginning of the season and then Whizard in the temp o' the day over that. He recommended this after working on 2 of my boards this summer.

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So I bought one of these based on the rave reviews. Now what do I do with it?

The instructions that came with it tell me it's "the best tool for fast removal of microhairs" and so on but make no mention of wax.

Do I melt wax onto the board then rub it in with the tool? I guess I can email Ray but I figure this might be faster and I need to wax tonight!

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You take your wax and crayon it all over your base (as if it were a regular rub-on wax) and then you take the whizard and smash the wax in by pushing it down really hard and buffing it into the base.

If the wax is really hard because it's cold out or you're using very cold-temp wax, or your base is cold (so that it is hard to actually get the wax to crayon on the base), I will sometimes warm the wax and the board up a little by putting them near a fireplace or use a hairdryer. Not too hot - just to like "warm room temperature."

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Curious about these tools. Did a search and came up with this thread. So if I'm reviving a long lost thread that nobody wants, I'm sorry... :)

Anyways, I'm prettymuch curious about all of the tools.

The base flattener. Anybody try this? The way it looks it seems as though it needs to span the edges? Won't this hurt the edges at all?

I guess the base and side bevelers are pretty self explanatory..

Has anybody used the hi-glide yet? It says it's good for removing the wrong temp wax, which is exactly why I'm looking for it. I don't understand how it can be abrasive enough to remove the wax while at the same time not abrasive enough to polish the base. Does it remove Ptex hairs or wax hairs? Does it polish the ptex or the wax?

I guess the wax whizard has been discussed enough too. I should probably get one.

I guess that's about it. Thanks all.


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