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is ski resorts super spreader events?

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if your ski resort is open what are you finding? is safety a concern? do you feel safe or not really a concern?

coming down the run into the lift line huff'n and puff'n how safe do you feel? I am thinking this is not a good

situation to be in. I have two weeks to get a full refund... on the fence...

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How I feel is immaterial. I’m not an expert so my opinion is also bunk but here’s what I think:

Here in CO approximately 1 in 40 is considered contagious. You are virtually guaranteed to be in a line with a contagious person during the day. Both of you might be breathing hard so that’s another strike. 
OTOH: you’re outside, usually with wind. Hopefully all are wearing masks. Usually people don’t go skiing if they’re not feeling well so I expect the population to be somewhat less contagious than the average. What does all of this mean? Who knows... 

Ultimately no, it’s not safe. You are definitely increasing your chance of contracting COVID by going to a resort. You have to make the personal decision if snowboarding is important enough for you. 


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My concern isn't so much on hill contact it's getting to the entrance of the resort. Being screened and ok'd by the bouncers and having to linger where large groups have mingled and left their moist air. The lineup to get to the gondola at Sunshine Village was snaking through 7 lines of parked cars in the #1 parking lot .Time in line was between 1-1 1/2 hrs. on the weekend. You have to ride the gondola to get to the resort. I'm thinking mandating true half cost half day lift tickets could go a long way to reduce these kind of lineups. Seems to me the choice will be to cherry pick the snow conditions or lineup contact conditions. 

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3 hours ago, lowrider said:

The lineup to get to the gondola at Sunshine Village was snaking through 7 lines of parked cars in the #1 parking lot .Time in line was between 1-1 1/2 hrs. on the weekend. 

Jeez, buddy, when were you there? Sunshine gets busy, but I've never seen it that busy.

I guess the answer is that anywhere there's other people, there's risk. You're the only one who can decide how much risk you want to take on. But if you're still going into supermarkets and gas stations, then I'd say your risk there is higher than a non powder, midweek ski day at Whitefish. It might just mean that you have to choose your days this season.

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I'm on the fence too.  There's never really never any lift line at our little place on weekdays, but with a lift ride every four minutes it's still a lot of opportunity to get close to other patrons and the lift operator.  And the indoor ticket window, changing area and restrooms would also be of some concern.  For me it may come down to whether sliding down the same little 250 foot hill for another season is worth the risk, no matter how small.  But I sure look forward to the season every year!

I also think in terms of the small likelihood of an accident bad enough to have to go to a crowded hospital.

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Our Mtns. aren't even open yet here in NH......but my major concern at the moment is  Vermont is telling it's ski areas to ask for proof that customers have adhered to Vts. travel restrictions guidelines (14 day quarantine and a negative covid test) to get on their Mtns.....which will make their ski areas off limits to 99% of out of stater's that usually come to Vt.

Vt get's more total skier visits than NH and more out of state ski visitors than NH, like 60% of Vts. total number of visits are out of stater's!  That definitely adds to the  Packed ski areas being Covid Spreaders Possibility When Those Additional People  Decide To Come To NH ....or Maine or whatever ski area they end up at. 

Ugg! :AR15firin


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Word on street from pals is they'll run into some more 'cavalier' individuals in the line who know they're breaking the rules but try to weasel out of it with some excuse or don't really care. In one particular resort a friend went to, he complained, the next day the resort announced they'll ramp up enforcement(I imagine he's not the only one who complained). Seems there's always a couple kooks that show up that ruin it for everyone.

When I went out (say to the bowling ally once) I ran into this kinda' stuff, in fact one dude said "COVID ain't real" or something. So by going out, you probably have higher odds of running into folks who don't give a flip since those who care are more likely to stay home.


I work at a resort, my employer sure seems to take it seriously, they won't even allow people who are medically exempt from masks on the lifts. That said, we're not open yet. So who knows how it'll go in practice, especially in regard to the customers and their individual behavior. As of right now, I imagine the parking lots will have some crazy tailgates going on. I mostly ride at night, where it's a ghost town, so I'm not too worried. I imagine weekdays to be busier than normal and weekends to be busy but less busy. So maybe consider when you ride?

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