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Giving up...selling everything: boards, bindings, plates, boots, accessories...


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Unfortunately, have to give up this fantastic sport/hobby. 3 shoulder surgeries done, 1 more to go...I can't take the risk anymore, as simple as that. Everything is in tip top shape, I take care of my stuff religiously. 

Coiler VSR 180 - 4x4 and UPM pattern. M+P F 012 CDB 6.7+8 - Average 14 SCR. This is an amazing board, actually unique. It's a one of a kind built by Bruce Varsava, with a stiffer nose. Use it with an Apex plate and you have a killer setup. From Bruce's own words: "Some now prefer a centered pattern around the 4x4s but I believe that is not ideal. However that particular board was a bit of a test board in that it has a bit stiffer nose to help balance out the extra power from the plate. Mostly riders will use a plate on icy snow where they want a softer feel so I do not adjust the flex pattern to a stiffer nose as it could get a bit too stiff for riding without the plate. Many factors involved but that is the basic philosophy of it. Reality is that it is a try and see situation. There are so many adjustments and riding styles it really gets to be a personal thing. I would start by trying to get the bindings in a similar position and take it from there. That was the only board ever made like that as it was the serial number M+P ( the P stands for plate flex) which distinguishes it.So that board does have a bit extra nose stiffness and a bit softer tail with more decamber as the original Apex plates were so torsionally stiff you needed to reduce tail power or they were too hard to control"   Board is in great shape, no scratches on top or bottom. It's super stable at high speed yet responsive enough to swerve through traffic in the slopes... works very well even without plate, but with the plate it's just something else...   $XXX+shipping

APEX RACE PLATE V2 - UPM hardware - Bough it and used 5 days, good as new and a killer combo with the Coiler above. $XXX+shipping, I will knock $50 off if you buy the combo

Volkl RT 178 - Probably the most pristine example you can come across. Close to perfect condition you can hardly tell it's used. $XXX+ shipping

Deeluxe 325 Mondo 29 - Great shape, BTS system with blue springs, Booster strap, FinTec Alu step in heels, Shred Soles. Hardly any wear on the liners $300 + shipping

Bomber TD3 step ins - Great condition, direct to board version (to be used with plates) - $XXX

Bomber TD3 second board kit - To be used on board, blue disc, 3 degree cant - $XX

Umustcarve camera mount - To be used with TD3, see below how it mounts and and example of the picture angle - $100

Thule carrier 91725U - Used twice, comes with 2 keys and all mounting parts - $XX



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Thanks guys, answering all the PMs one by one.

In the meantime, since I got few questions...this is how the boom attaches to the binding. It sits in the arch underneath the booth.

The attachment is CNC milled from solid aluminum, the boom itself is made of carbon kevlar and covered with rubber to prevent from scratches. You attach a gopro in the front and it's solid as steel...by being disconnected from the board, it keeps vibrations very low.

I paid $250 for it, it's a custom made early prototype, not sure if it was ever produced at scale.

Might work with other bindings that have a similar plate setup, but I can't guarantee anything since it was made specifically for the TD362105603_thumbnail_AndrewUmustcarveMount101514001.jpg.f3a0aa2a3ac762a74897e18047bfb180.jpg

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