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  1. Sadly, I tore my PCL, MCL, MPFL, and a big chunk of the quads so my orthopedist and wife forbade me from snowboarding anymore. Can do local pickup if you are in the Buffalo, NY area. Donek metal fc175 cm sold Sidecut 11.5-13.5, waist 21 cm. $400 plus shipping Deeluxe 325T 29.5M Black boots. $200 plus shipping. Lightly used. Toes and heels in good condition Bomber TD2's—soldwith 0 and 3 degree cant plates . Replaced the rear bail springs (though they are still floppy). Hex wrench included. $100 plus shipping Approx 155 cm Aggression board from around 1997 with burton bindings. Make me an offer
  2. I emailed bomber and they are sending out a set of replacement springs for my td-2 bindings even though they are listed as discontinued on the replacement parts list!
  3. I would like to purchase your boots
  4. I am interested in the board. I had also looking at a proteus but have not heard back from the seller.
  5. I was interested but bought a different board
  6. If they are not sold and fit a mondo 29 boot, i am also interested
  7. The volkl is sold with bindings included? Will they fit a mondo 29.5 boot?
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