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  1. I don't know how to verify authenticity. Mario's suggestion sounds best.
  2. Larry's in Boulder does a good job. I would call about what liners they carry first, though. Best day for the LCI is Sundays. Upstairs around 7:30 AM they can get a discounted ticket with their pass. Also check Craigslist for unused 4 pack tickets.
  3. monodude

    Yo Lci!!

    Well I got in day 4 last Monday. managed 4K vertical. not much but I hadn't broke 3K yet. Ankle is still hurting plenty. That and Planter Fasciitis makes being clamped down in a ski boot a painful experience. I might be ridin the pine a lot at Turner, but, I'll be there...
  4. While on my Mono last week, I overhear a guy tell his gal... Look he's on a Uni-Board
  5. Mt. Ashland is set to open Dec. 14th. Is there any carvers that ride there ?
  6. monodude

    Skwal riders?

    Hello from Oregon Peter. I have a 173 Thias Skwal Free Ride that I would let go for $200 USD. I have no idea what shipping is to you. It does have bindings on it. I rode it 1 time after a full tune. Don
  7. Hello from southern Oregon. I will be riding Mt. Ashland this winter. Hope to meet another carver there. I will probably come down to Shasta a time or 2. I don't ride a snowboard, but, I love carving on a Mono, Skwal, or my Virus skis. Been hanging out with the (LCI) carvers @ Loveland, Colorado for the last 7 or 8 years.
  8. Amazing save indeed. I road raced Motorcycles for 10 years @P.I.R in Portland, Oregon. Love "carving" on a motorcycle. I love carving the mountains on my bike in the summer.
  9. monodude

    Yo Lci!!

    Maybe you have a bigger valley? Or less unruly occupants? Actually, I stated on our first date... "when the snow falls there's NO DISCUSSION !" Much to her chagrin she soon realized that I was/am serious. Although I have had to refresh her memory on that from time to time. Like John E said, It's a matter of need !
  10. monodude

    Yo Lci!!

    I got 5 last year alone... 16 Mono's, 6 Skwals, 3 snowboards, and 2 pairs of skis last count. That's after I sold 4 mono's Feed The Addiction
  11. If you like riding with a crew... Loveland has 6-12 rippers on any and every Sunday. All really good riders and just plain good people. I rode with them for near 10 years. Loveland has the best snow conditions of any, as far as I'm concerned. Food is reasonable too. And as JRAZ said, the key to driving I 70 is leave EARLY, ride hard, out early. On a powder day that 2 hour drive can be 4+...
  12. No internal dialog here. I'm so intensely focused on the moment that nothing else exists. I used to listen to heavy death metal, but it got me riding more aggressive than my body could handle. I typically ride 50 - 60mph so I don't want any mental distractions.
  13. monodude

    Yo Lci!!

    The Oregon move has begun.
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