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  1. I'll be back home by the 20th. Leaving again on the 29th. Let me know when you find out. I'll come down and do lunch or something. Or you could come up and check out the new MonoDude pad
  2. monodude

    Yo Lci!!

    let's see some handlebar draggin....
  3. Medford is only 80 miles south of me. When are you going to be there ?
  4. I'm going for a ride. Oregon to Northern Idaho to meet my new GREAT Grand babies, then swing down to Denver to visit my mom, then home. Avoiding people and Interstates as best as I can. Then home for a week and off to the North cascades across to Glacier NP. and back with my riding buddies on our 35th Annual ride together. Should be around 7 or 8 thousand miles altogether. Feeding my other addiction... Pavement carving...
  5. I like it. with the ecu mods and the full exhaust it should be around 30 HP. rides great. suspension is a little soft for my fat ass, though. 6 speed, dual disc, inverted forks, dual overhead cam. biggest drawback is the 2 gallon tank. before the mods I was getting 71 MPG. haven't filled up from the last ride yet to see the difference
  6. '09 Kawasaki 1400 Concours. with aftermarket exhaust and computer flash. This set-up gives it 102+ lbs of torque and 165 HP to the ground. It's SCARY fast & powerful. Although I have slowed down some, (in my advancing age), I still LOVE a "spirited" ride through the twisties. It's my asphalt carving tool of choice..... 2020 Kawasaki KLX 250 Dual sport With exhaust and ECU mods..... of course I also practice and firmly believe in AGATT, (all gear all the time)
  7. monodude

    Yo Lci!!

    I just ordered a Virus Mono. I told him that I want a Mono that carves like my skis. Frank said it will be Super Carvy, it will have Carbon and the same base as his competition boards. He said in an email... "it will be super fast and I will need fireproof underwear to ride it !" Sounds perfect, to me...
  8. monodude

    Yo Lci!!

    not to mention the broken parts above the shoulders...
  9. Cool, I guess that leaves the goodies to the MonoSkiers...
  10. monodude

    Yo Lci!!

    Oregon is pretty much closed as well...
  11. Riding my LaCroix Skwal @ Mt. Ashland a couple days ago. First lifty tells me I can't ride with only 1 ski on. Still dubious after I pointed out the second binding and made me wait while he called his supervisor... Get to the top and lifty did a full stop thinking I dropped my other ski. Had another Lifty seriously question my "homemade" ski and tried to bar me from riding. I googled Skwals to show him that they actually do exist. Clipping in at the top in front of a snowboard lesson group several of them wondered what in the world my Skwal is. The instructor confidently informed them it was a very old school "UniSki"
  12. Pete of the LCI coined a phrase that could apply... Riding the thin line... Bad Ass/Dumbass
  13. monodude

    Yo Lci!!

    Got in my first turns, today, since MCC. Mt Ashland finally got a few inches. Great day. Felt confident and strong. Got in some of the best turns this season. Even got a couple thousand vert on my LaCroix Skwal. Waiting for the under binding "Protection" plates from Ace. Next time up I'll ride the Ace Skwal. Sure was cool to ride with the LCI @ Turner. I miss riding with a posse. It's hard to trench out a run by myself...
  14. I go "carving" on my Kawasaki Concours 1400. 0-60 in around 2.5 sec, 10 sec 1/4 mile, 165 hp to the ground. Not stock 700 lb. shaft drive beast of a twistys carver. Guaranteed to put a smile on my face and an occasional stain in my shorts...
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