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  1. To beat a dead horse? No experience receiving payment, however... I just completed a Transferwise with i-carve and it was the simplest overseas transaction I have done Ivan offered me an "invitation" link I was able to use a credit card Transfer completed by end of day/overnight for the exchange rate I suppose Fees were much lower than PayPal Board arrived in 3 days from Slovenia miraculously Not much experience with Canadian transactions I just sent a PayPal to UPZ and that was easy
  2. Need current RC compatible screw pattern complete set of 2 toes and 2 heels Out of Stock and no reply to email Thanks
  3. I was going to ask you if you had discussed the Slice and Dice secret sauce with Bruce I can't imagine riding something so short, while attempting to keep an open mind... Gotta go to know I am fully covered on the powder end of the spectrum 35 years at Snowbird... Looking for a modern board for after the leftovers are gone... Maybe the MD signature model Have you tested a Kessler Ride? Any comparison? Assuming your BXFR is significantly stiffer Thanks
  4. Aloha Martin Outstanding presentation once again You have certainly set a high bar Do you have an entry at Sundance this year? I have a gaping hole in my quiver at my new "home mountain" not in Utah I need an all-mountain battle axe for less soft days The BXFR has been one of the few boards I have been considering Did you design with any intention of riding off-piste? Have you ridden BXFR off-piste in variable conditions worth riding? Is there something inherent in the design that simply rules that out? I need to broaden my horizons on firmer days more often I prefer a wider board for stance preference Thanks
  5. Interested in the Catek's only if you are willing to "part out"... Assuming Wolf wants those Thanks
  6. Aloha Wondering if you have modified the shells at all as far as fit etc Any grinding or heat de-form/re-form What is your "street shoe" size US please I am "usually" a 27.5 which seems to vary quite a bit between brands... Any plastic failing/splitting/cracking/brittleness etc? Thanks
  7. Great topic John I have been thinking about this for a few years I wouldn't rule out any places as many folks are traveling and hitting the Mom and Pops on the voyage, whether or not they have one of the "lesser" passes... I have mainly been thinking about how to trade/share/network space with folks that live at/on/or very close Another category would be a place to park the RV...
  8. Any comments other than WTF? https://www.envysnowsports.com/
  9. Hi Andy Sorry to hear about your situation Are the Catek OS 1's available? Long plate? If so, price? Thanks
  10. As far as Lift goes, you are only limited by the length of the Kingbolt and the cant setscrews, which can be increased...
  11. Another consideration affecting the maximum contact length available I just realized is the thickness of the sole... If your boot is higher off the plate than mine, you would have less than my 289mm I believe I have brain damage Hope that makes sense I attempted to edit the above post I need a first-grader to show me how
  12. Jcar I have WC, OS1, and OS2 in short and long standard/non-stepin. I use same size AT ski boots as your size that have a relatively long bootsole length for the size I just measured bail contact length as 289mm ish WC are completely different plates for short and long, not just in length You will be near the limit of length on a short, be exact in your measurement on your boots I have had to swap bails just to get an extra mm or two on short due to slightly different size of bails I prefer the simplicity of the older models Canting is FANTABULOUS!! All hardware other than the spherical nuts available thru McMaster-Carr (not including bails or toe-clips of course) I have not needed any of my assortment, other than the setscrews of various lengths while experimenting with extreme canting... Obviously, some people completely destroy fasteners/hardware Anyone know a source for the spherical nuts? (which are larger on the older models compared to OS2)
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