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  1. Donek Knapton Twin 31 waist
  2. I will take the boots . can you check express shipping to Losa Angeles 90049.  I need them by next Thursday.

    Are you selling the whole binding or just the plate 🙂







    505 S Barrington Ave #1

    Los Angeles CA 90049

  3. The 30 is just one boot?
  4. What Size shoe do you use?
  5. Women's beginner board and bindings. She is a very aggressive soft boot rider. So she already rides at an advaced level. I am trying to get her on a Carving Board. She is 5'4" and 115 lbs
  6. Women Hard Boots Mondo 24.5
  7. Thank you guys for the offers. I have to find some boots first.
  8. want to sell my boots back? LOL

    1. beastrider


      LOL. I promised you'll get first dibs if I sell them. I did just sell my Thraxis boots though. I messaged you about them before I listed them. Wasn't sure if you got the PM cuz of the site change and all.

  9. Anyone have any equipment to sell in the So Cali area? I need everything. Tring to make it to mammoth this weekend if I can buy some gear. Boots Mondo 30 Need to buy boards, boots, and Bindings
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