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Fintec and Intec parts compatability...?


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Ok, I just saw Fin's posting that Bomber 3.0 will hopefully be around the corner...so I could just wait.

But I have a broken cable on one of my Fintec heels, and obviously at the moment spare parts cannot be purchased from the Bomber store. I reached out to yyzcanuck asking whether he knew if the Intec cable parts are interchangeable with the Fintec. Does anyone have experience with this?
Just to clarify - the cable hasn't broken, it looks like the plastic sheath that houses the cable has broken so the cable is visible and I can technically still release the pins by pulling on the cable but I seem to be pulling directly on the cable and it's hard work, takes a while to release, and I'm wondering if that pressure on the cable will end up snapping it very soon...

Thoughts anyone?

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