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  1. Hello, I am looking to buy some UPZ's for my wife (who is currently running the DeeLuxe 325) but when I go to the local distributor website, they don't have the 24-24.5 mp which is what I think she needs (the lowest they appear to run to is the 25-25.5). Can anyone please advise whether the 25-25.5 will work if she uses a 24-24.6 on the DeeLuxe? Thanks! Adaś
  2. As an owner of both a 170 SG Full Carve and a 178 Coiler VCam (which I only got at the beginning of last season), I must say these are both AWESOME boards and you guys got a great deal! The SG is so poppy and fun and I love to ride early and late season, with the 178 VCam for the main part of the season when we have good snow coverage. Both just lovely boards - well done everyone! ?
  3. Thanks Neil - I was a little tied up with work today, so missed out on bidding - I'll PM you about perhaps bundling a few of your remaining items...
  4. Hi Neil, I am really interested in buying some of those mags (I have a few TW Snowboarding issues from the very early 90s and am such a sad-sack and keep re-reading them, especially at the moment as I hang out for the snow to fall in Aspen!) I had a quick look on UPS to try and calculate shipping and it looks fairly pricey. I am in Snowmass (we met at SES a few times, I'm a Kiwi who ended up marrying a local here in Snowmass) - have you had any experience shipping mags like this to the US? I think buying the listing of 3 TWSB issues would cost around $20, does that sound about right? I don't w
  5. Awesome, thanks Pat/Aracan - that is super helpful. I'll definitely look into changing out the heel screws as well, Pat.
  6. Hello fellow Carvers, I have a very frayed Fintec cable on my rear boot...I just received an F2 Intec replacement cable from our YYZ friends in Canada but unfortunately it didn't come with instructions on how to replace it (nor can I find any pictures or videos online on how to do it). Can someone please help a very un-handy person such as myself (and who's worried about making things worse) and post a video or pictorial thread on how to do this? Thanks in advance...?
  7. Thanks Queequeg, good to know - I may just reach out to Sean and get some cables locally then instead of getting them shipped from Canada.
  8. Ok, I just saw Fin's posting that Bomber 3.0 will hopefully be around the corner...so I could just wait. But I have a broken cable on one of my Fintec heels, and obviously at the moment spare parts cannot be purchased from the Bomber store. I reached out to yyzcanuck asking whether he knew if the Intec cable parts are interchangeable with the Fintec. Does anyone have experience with this? Just to clarify - the cable hasn't broken, it looks like the plastic sheath that houses the cable has broken so the cable is visible and I can technically still release the pins by pulling on the cable
  9. Hi Ted, that looks to be the older Prior graphic (5+ years old). Any ideas on the age, and when you say 7 days riding on it, did you get it new? Or did you buy from someone else?
  10. I seem to insert this post in the 'Wanted' section each season... I keep buying 4WDs! I have a 164 4WD which is my go-to powder and trees board when I'm not busting out the groomers on the Coiler, but it's a little short and I'm over-powering it. So I would like a 169 if anyone has one out there they're willing to part with? I don't want to go too old if I can avoid it. Thanks Adas
  11. Hi Ed, yes - tdifan_2003 is right, un-scraped wax... Definitely no scars or issues with the board.
  12. BUMP - reduced to $700. This is my wife's Kessler Alpine 171, she bought it new from Fin and Michelle back in 2014 but it's only had ~15 days on it in total (7 days of her riding, 8 days of me) A few minor cosmetic blemishes as would be expected after a few days riding, but the edges, base and top sheet are all in fantastic condition. Never had a base grind, only race tunes with 1 and 3 degree bevel. Will ensure a top race tune before shipping to the lucky new owner. I'm reluctant to sell as I love to ride it myself, but the wife wants to get a new Prior WCRM as she's not so much int
  13. Hi JShort, I have a 171 Kessler if you're still in the market and interested. It's in great condition, my wife bought it in 2014 I believe (she's a racer, around 105lbs, but is now more into free carving and at that weight, the 171 Kessler needs too much runway for her to enjoy it) and only did about 6 or 7 days on it and I've ridden it about the same amount (I'm about 175 lbs). So it's had less than 20 days in total. Black, with a nice race-tune on it. Super condition, I can post some photos if you like.
  14. Did Dredman buy it? I think he's making it his mission in life to own every Coiler ever made...:)
  15. Adas

    Prior 4WD 159

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