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  1. Finally replaced my boots! I have loved these for years!! Raichle (now Deeluxe) AF600, Size 28/10, shell size 299, Thermo liner. Missing hardware on one side of one boot, see pics. I have mounting screws for heel pieces. Best offer plus shipping. tlwalsh2@gmail.com
  2. Looking for anything semi-current. Thanks!
  3. Hi, what year? Can you send more pics? tlwalsh2@gmail.com
  4. Hi, Boots available? 299 sole length? Thanks, Tom
  5. Hi, still available? Sole length 299? thanks, tom
  6. Hi, still available? Sole length 299? thanks, tom
  7. Hi, Boots available? 299 sole length? Thanks, Tom
  8. ISO TD1 heel receivers or any complete Bomber step-in bindings. Happy to purchase outright or trade some old TD parts.. Thanks for considering!
  9. This is great Skrekk! What is the approximate size of the aluminum strips? Do you think there is enough room to “double nut” with longer screws? Thanks Tom
  10. Anyone have any or know where I can find? Thanks!
  11. Thanks. Have you slotted some out? Does it go pretty smooth?
  12. Has anyone had success with any steel heel receiver fitting on Bomber TD 1 bindings? Thanks!
  13. Hi, what year are these boots? Thanks!
  14. Hi, what is the sole length on these? It is stamped on bottom or side of boot. thanks
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