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Rally at the Thunder Dome '13


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It's on!:biggthump

SATURDAY and SUNDAY, FEB 23th and 24th!

At Berkshire East Ski Area

Lifts open at 8:30 am (Or there about. Things are run pretty laid-back at this hill)

Full day pass is $35.

It will run the same as previous years. I will start a list of names for the lift tickets below. Just reply to this thread that you are coming and I will add you to the list. When you arrive at the mountain, find customer service upstairs in the main lodge area, tell them you are there for the rally, and fork over your $35. You must have your name on the list to get the discount!!! Real name or forum name is fine.

The layout of the mountain is very simple making finding people easy, especialy if they are on gear that stands out. If you show up later in the morning, just hang by the main lift or do laps on Exhabition. You will run into someone soon enough.


This is the List:

*Ace* +1

Alex and Steph J

Atom Ant +1


Bobby Buggs

Brian Bartlett




Dave Z,Jen G,and Matt D

Diane H



Jack and Colleen Tobin

Jeff Bartlett

Jeff Martin


jskyhawk +1



k "kah-kah-kahn" tv







Tugboater +2

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OH BOY! it's been a couple years since I've been on my board... I think it's time I busted it out again

Oh, Hell Yeah!!!!!

Will there be any hard boots, size 23 or 24 available to demo? I'll be on a Rossignol 148 regular board. Where are people staying? I need to book a room...also, will there be some kind of dinner reception Sat. night?

Ween, Check this place out. It's right across the street. I think Brian is staying there too and I imagine some others will as well:


I'll look in to the boot situation. Currently I have down to 25.5, but we've been in touch with the Deeluxe rep. about filling out the size run and they've been very supportive.

Nothing official for Sat. night. (Nothing is official at the Rally:p) I'm sure we'll end up at the Crazy Horse and then work our way to the Park though. There'll be a raffle as well. We'll raffle you off to whoever buys you the most shots, O.k.?:biggthump

Count me in!

Wouldn't dream of doing otherwise. Glad you're coming! :D

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Count me in for Sunday, maybe Sat but will let you know as we get closer. Any celebrities coming?

No celebrities. It is the Rally. Even celebrities are not celebrities at the Rally.

You will be there Ed. That is all that matters.


I'll ask about setting stubbies, again. I'm guessing it will be the same as all the other years. You and few others will poach whatever course is set for training, get yelled at, and carry on.


New Jersey strong baby!

Glad you guys are planning on coming!

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