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One from Sugarloaf

Jack M

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Michael Oslak from Orono Maine taking Civil Engineering at University of Maine, single father is on Facebook if you care to send him a message. I'm sure we could convince him to change his opinion . His favorite quote " You've got to turn this despair inside out and turn it into your way out".

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So, Sugarloaf put this on their facebook page, and someone commented "Kinda make me want to go out and get a hard boot board." Then some jerkwad, a.k.a. Michael Olsak wrote "Nothing should ever make anyone want to get a hard boot board. Ski or ride make your choice and stick to it. :)" Unreal!

Nice to see that the Facebook comments afterward just ignore him and the photo has 100+ likes!

That's one good way to deal with trolls, don't give them any of the attention they crave.


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Those gloves are awesome. My dad got me a pair of Carhartts just like those with thinsulate liners for scraping ice and digging out my car from Kittery Trading Post, and many jokes were made at the expense of the entire state of Maine. (My dad is a mass hole through and through)

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Wow, great shot Jack. I'm curious to know your angles and your stand?

Thanks! About 59 front, 56 rear, 51cm stance width, 3 degree toe lift and a little inward cant on the front foot, 3 degree heel lift with outward cant on the back foot.

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