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  1. Looks nice! Add clear nail polish to any sharp corners and anywhere it starts to peel. Spend some time smoothing any scrapes/dings before application as the vinyl looks awful over even the tiniest of high spots. I used the soapy-water method (search for it) and it worked dramatically better than I feared. Boards are child's play compared to things with compound curves, like a car fender/hood. I also tried some of the silver carbon-fiber look stuff. Looks ok but you can see the board graphics through it much more than I expected.
  2. No need to delete, it'll just quietly drift down the listings as new posts come in.
  3. I'm with the guy with the pointy stick things: Hoping for some glorious and firm cord for the next one. But, if we have to ride deep powder for 4 days, that's ok too. Soft cord is about the worst option as we'd chop that stuff to shreds by noon. Might even get the plate out if that happens!
  4. Oh, I think that was updated to be symmetrical. I asked Coiler to center the pattern on one board, Donek is definitely symmetrical.
  5. Not sure how current this is, drawing from Bomber:
  6. You can post pictures of me as you see fit. ^^ Is there any way to write something like that without seeming like an arrogant a***ole? I'll pull Larry's awesome picture from the first post now. Hopefully we see it in print sometime soon!
  7. Where is the super-like button?!? Such a great video of an amazing session! "At least it's a powder day..." LOL! I did get my car unstuck without getting out.
  8. I'm surprised no one has suggested a plate yet. No, you don't need one! Jack M's post is spot on. This is a decent setup, and for a small upcharge you can swap out the bindings for something you can use for a lot longer. The skills you develop early on are of much higher importance than any equipment you can buy. i.e. You don't need to buy a Ferrari to learn how to drive a car.
  9. That's an, umm, unfriendly feedback loop. Board - Hey, you're exceeding my design limits. Here's a push back to warn you. User - No, faster! Board - No, full stop to wheel. F*** you and your weak human body. I must prevent overheating. --- Or does the board just contact the ground due to idiot user actions?
  10. I'd say that Dakine Spike and Crab Grab Shark Teeth are functionally identical. Note that this is a hardboot-centric site, and hardboots tend to tear up the foam pads. I liked the foam ones when I was in softboots, but admittedly didn't try a pointy plastic one. I split my Spike to have 3 rows near the heel edge and 2 rows near the toe edge. Pro-tip: add velcro so you can remove the pad to pack boards together. Loop side on board, hook side on stomp pad.
  11. Nice! Looking forward to your review. This is the first year in 3 or 4 that I haven't picked up a board shortly after the season ended. That's making it much easier!
  12. I can't imagine it matters a bit for us recreational riders. I do wonder if the bindings were tightened firmly before the first base grind if it could be minimized. Kind of pre-deform the area before a grind. That's getting pretty anal for what's likely a cosmetic thing... Note that the alpine makers add extra fiberglass between the T-nuts and the wood core to help resist insert pullout from the stiff binding/boot combination.
  13. For the young guys - Yes. For older guys (you define 'older' however you want), you don't necessarily need to fall. But, push it a bit. How hard you push your limits is your personal balance of risk/reward. You learn faster if you make big steps into the unknown, but that's your call if it's worth it or not. i.e. I'm a little bold on a snowboard but downright timid on a skateboard. I just don't feel the need to push myself as I don't care about progression that much.
  14. I'll add to this: 3/ Push yourself into slightly uncomfortable areas. Not 'full send' mode, but you do need to experiment near the edges of your skill set to expand it. If you make the same turn on the same run, you'll be stuck there. Can you lean 1 degree more than last time? I bet you can!
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