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  1. Most of all, I'm happy the 1990's knee and butt patches are cool again. Now, where did I put those Kemper pants?
  2. Couldn't the same question be asked of any sport? My bike from 20 years ago (woah, didn't realize it was that old until now) still gets me around the trails. Do I wish I had a new one and all the new features that come with it? Yes! Am I willing to spend the money? Not at this time. That said, there definitely was a step-change in alpine board performance about 10 years ago with the introduction of metal and decambered noses/tails.
  3. I'll be driving through Lethbridge/Fort MacLeod on the way down, and hitting up either Whitefish or Schweitzer on the way home. Or, if @crackaddict hosts another Revelstoke event, I'll try to make that. Maybe Golden. Maybe Fernie. Basically, I have no idea what I'm doing other than going snowboarding for a couple of weeks. It's win-win.
  4. It's a long way down when you're 7 feet tall!
  5. Agreed, and I dislike removing .05 mm of material from both edges and the entire base width to remove a .04 mm ding on one side. Adding base bevel allows for a simpler refurbishment.
  6. I run a 1-degree bevel solely because you have to remove so much material to remove a ding from a 0-degree base bevel. I was also skeptical that a 1-degree bevel on a board that's slipping across an irregular surface has a substantial effect, but I have experienced a board that was a little 'hooky' on cat tracks and the like until I put some base bevel on it. I couldn't tell the difference once turning. <-- Never had a professional tune, so maybe I don't know what I'm missing.
  7. Paging @barryj. This is what you want!
  8. Bruce from Coiler's advice: Mount centered on pattern. If board feels stiff/lazy, move forward. If board feels soft/turns too tight, move rearward. I mounted my bindings back during a very soft groom day once, then promptly forgot about it. Everything just felt numb and boring the next day on the snow, until I remembered that I had moved the bindings back. Back to centered and I was loving life again! Simple measuring doesn't show the whole picture. Taper is common, along with varying radii from tip to tail. There's a reason the maker put the holes where they did. You trusted the board maker enough to do everything else right, start from their recommendation.
  9. When I try to EC, I most want to exemplify the Sword crew. Their 'Stoked' movie played a very large part in me getting into alpine riding. Beautiful economy of movement.
  10. Yeah, I take exception to that too. There are many different tastes. We're such a niche of a niche; I hate to see carvers slag on other carvers.
  11. Corey

    Reading issue

    I was getting that too, there were some issues yesterday. Maybe clear your cache and try again? It's working for me today.
  12. Neat graphic, shape looks fun too!
  13. Good to know! I had bought the wired version. They lasted about 1 week past the warranty period before failing. I had flatly dismissed the wireless version based on the early failure of the wired version, but maybe I should reconsider...
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