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  1. I'm going to call that a placebo. You can't change your C. of G. with how you breathe. However, it distracts the active brain, letting your natural learned reactions control things in a more fluid way. Excellent examples of this are in Inner Game of Tennis by Gallwey.
  2. Neat idea! When I'm out of the zone: Trees! Mogul! Ice patch! Why is my rear arm flapping about like that?! When I'm feeling 'on': I follow a path that's invisible even to me. I feel like I'm watching a video game in the 3rd person view from above. Not much conscious thought, just looking for the next fun place to go.
  3. I'm in! No preference for timing.
  4. A snorkel. All kidding aside, there are modern amenities nearby.
  5. Can't wait to get out on those slopes again. This time with groom. Or waist-deep powder is ok too.
  6. UPZ ATB boots? They're surprisingly soft. The split board community extensively modifies AT boots to feel more like softies.
  7. If everything goes just right, you could potentially make tens of dollars with this plan!
  8. Bruce will steer you to F2 bindings. Adding to the discussion: F2 bindings are the gold-standard in alpine. If you don't have a reason to go elsewhere, just get F2s. Canting and lifting is limited to coarse steps unless you 3D print your own wedges. Angle and length adjustments are super simple. Strong enough for most riders and simple. Get a real Pozidrive 3 driver and the hardware will last forever. A Phillips #3 fits pretty well and helps to round out screws fairly efficiently over time. They have an inherently flexible nature that most feel is just right, but some hate. Bomber and Catek bindings are super-tough/durable CNC machined objects of art, if you're into that kind of thing. Bomber bindings are simpler, Catek bindings have limitless cant/lift adjustments with the trade-off of being more complicated. If you're not mechanically-inclined at all, go elsewhere. If you can change your car's oil, go Bomber. If you can rebuild an automatic transmission, go Catek. Bombers have some flex with the various models. Cateks have very little flex - some hate the vibration transmission, some love the feedback. There are numerous others out there. The SG bindings are pretty close to F2 with some nice improvements but lots more $$ here in North America.
  9. Coiler will add an extra reinforcements if you're going to run Cateks. If you already have the board, ask Bruce first, or get the spacer plates that spread the load out.
  10. Corey

    Bend it....

    Duh, get the board made for your weight! I did sell my beautiful Coiler NSR after losing weight. It went from being my favorite deck to being downright scary. Being strong helps as well. @crackaddict bends boards that most people are scared of!
  11. Corey

    Best jacket

    Same for me. Same shell from -40 to above freezing. My requirements: Waterproof/breathable Pit zips No or very light insulation The last one seems odd given I'm usually in a deep freeze, but I prefer being able to add a layer of insulation than rocking the open/flapping jacket look when it gets near melting temps. My secret 4th requirement is that it's available on the discount rack. I don't care about wearing 'last year's color'.
  12. My plans: 1. Don't get hurt. More plyometrics before the start of the season to stave off last year's silliness. 2. Ride more. See above. 3. Pray for powder or groom at Turner Mtn. Maybe both?
  13. More about the cat, less about cameras: That's a pretty neat trick for that guy! Before watching the video I assumed he started his upper body moving before leaving the lip, but he didn't. Conclusion: he's part cat.
  14. Looks neat, but the $$ involved will make this an uphill battle. Note that you need some preload to keep the retractable pins from being subject to large reversing loads. That's what the ramps/stationary pins are for for in the F2/Bomber design. Without those pins, the downward load and a bit of spreading could lead to the chamfer being engaged on the moving pin, which will compress and release the pin. If you use the boot sole to stop downward movement, then the system becomes hypersensitive to snowpack on the bottom of the boot. It's a complex problem, and it gets much worse when you have four pins per boot.
  15. That is very cool, Bob! Congrats.
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