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  1. Thanks Bryan, Im 48, I have made it past the pain so far &the nail is a bitch, Im in pt now & I dont know if I will ride ever again but I hope that maybe some day I will feel well enough to ride again.Right now the screws /plate are the most painful part . I hope to have them removed at some point but I dont know if the nail will ever come out, I dont even want to know how they got it in there let alone how they will get it out! have you overcome the alterations to your leg? are you still able to carve after the trauma? Nitro
  2. How it all went down is sort of hard to explain because it all happened in a micro second & every thing I can describe about the wreck is the best I can recall. I can also give everyone some of the facts from the broken bits from the crash. From what I can tell after looking at all the broken parts is this; the over hang of the t-d3 binder on the iso plate may have played a part in this failure . The front foot pinched the board at some point, there is a witness mark on the top sheet. Its hard to say if this was part of the failure or happened after the break. I need to mention I waxed /tuned edges & rode this board hard a couple days before the failure & I had no problems with edge hold at all also I had no issues with the board that day . After looking at all the broken parts I also found evidence that the heel side edge/sidewall could have played a part in this failure as well, I can see where the wax penetrated the edge & sidewall via a hair line fracture. This fracture was in line with the upm inserts torsionally on the toe side of the board break. This donek 185 rev was a warranty replacement, as my original 185 rev also snapped at the upm mount on the tail inserts. This happened on my 15th day of the season a few years back. The new replacement board snapped at 40 days and had close to a million vertical feet of hard carving. THIS IS THE SECOND TIME A DONEK REV 185 HAS BROKEN UNDER MY FEET AT THE UPM INSERT CROSS SECTION. all I know is that in less than one minute before the board failed it was acting flaky on my first & unfortunately final run that day. I was pushing 50mph & the board was washing out, the trees were close & I really needed the board to respond , I leaned on it hard in a toe side turn to avoid the trees at the edge of the run , it hooked up hard sending me into a cart wheel with my posture at 30 to 40 degrees to the ground. The first flip I missed my head & landed on the boards nose it snapped & so did my leg, the second flip I landed flat on my back & thankfully spun to a stop. It all happened kind of like big mario stated , although I have to add ,& it's my opinion that if I wasn't on an iso plate the board would have yielded better, bending more in the space between my feet allowing forgiveness at the boot instead of breaking the bone. I say this because this is not my first broken board in a stuffed nose carve. 28 years of riding, and most of them on alpine boards. And, always on hard-boots... I hope this answers all questions about my experience with iso plates & insert placement by design.Had I found the hairline fracture when I the tuned up the board, I would have discarded the board.tears...
  3. Here is a few pics of the disaster that ended my season. fair warning to those riding isolation plates, torque can reverse from the snow to the body if the board locks up! 200lb +riders bware upm&allflex inserts will bite you in the ass!
  4. I wish I could get on the hill!! snowbowl is still running lifts to the top & upper bowl is open for hiking as well . Im still at home doing handstands on my crutches goin cray-z!!!
  5. shipping to sweden is about 80-100$ this is an estimate. I can always send a refund if the actual total "shipped" is less than estimated. let me know if you want to proceed Bill
  6. I can check it out monday & let you know.
  7. I was at my home mountain Snow Bowl in Arizona, the conditions were great . The day before the mountain got 4inches of fresh snow with clear sunny sky later in the day it warmed up quite a bit and then set up overnight with cold temps , I chose the 185 that day prevent any augering in hard carves . in fact after a few turns down the run conditions were so firm, I felt like I could have been on my shorter sl board. I was pushing the board pretty hard toe side at hi speed & I felt the board start to drift out so I leaned into it a bit harder to stay on my carve then wham! it was all over. as I sat there waiting to be extracted by ski patrol I kept looking at my line leading to the crash wondering wtf happened.
  8. I purchased my 185 rev new from donek mid season 2014 I estimate this board had around 40 -50 days of riding with plenty of vertical feet,one season it stayed on the shelf with zero days. No real serious crashes , I do remember a hand full of butt checks & belly burn outs before I got my stance & edges all dialed in. I should mention am a big guy 220 lbs. my affection for the upm mounted af plate bit me in the ass, I should have stuck with the vist or f plate & never got a board with upm inserts at my weight. I just so glad I didnt break my neck , also I need to mention that everyone involved from ski patrol to the hospital doctors & staff were excellent in handling my broken leg. thanks to all of you guys for the good vibes ! its gonna be a tough summer
  9. reviving this old chestnut with a broken donek rev 185 . board fractured at the upm plate mount insert on a toe side carve resulting in a broken right leg , tibia & fibula below the boot cuff. photo credit , joshua esquivel
  10. just adding a metal layer to your ride should allow you to relax enough to make a big difference ...
  11. March Bump price drop to 300 + ship
  12. Az Snowbowl received 5 1/2 ft of powder in 36 hrs! When they finally dropped the rope on the Flat Iron Bowl run, I was maybe the 20th person to head down. The sight was something I will never forget so many riders ahead of me got stuck in the powder & all you could see was their helmets! I was looking at a sea of bobble heads ! What a day to test out my new powder board, a 162 Blunt Diamond . The BD floated me through the deep with no issues at all & all I could do was giggle as I left a trench for a lucky few to escape their powder prison as I passed by. So stoked..
  13. Have you looked into Full Bags line up? The Diamond Blade will be my next board purchase for hard bootn in the trees.
  14. Hey ,Robert late reply here but, Nitro =Bill Hows the carving goin so far this winter? I went to Wolf Creek & Purgatory so far, very nice free riding in lots a fresh pow! Hit me up when you get back to Flag so we can ride. Bill
  15. Sigi also has a video on the Sg website with assembly details on his new bindings for those who might be interested.
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