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Found 37 results

  1. Brand new never worn, never molded, Palau liners. Asking $375 plus ship. PRICE DROP $355! Price drop again!!! $300
  2. Mid-2000s Dalbello Kryptons MP 26. With extra thermo liners, tongues, and it appears a buckle to replace the current busted one (I vaguely remember breaking a cable on one of my last runs but not where the extra buckle is from - guess Dalbello helped me out?). Boots have some customizations such as a blown out footbed for increased width (I found the mid-2000s Raichle/Deeluxe boots too narrow) and vibram rubber soles for dampening. I purchased these on Bomber in 2008 and have not ridden since winter 2010 when I stopped snowboarding. These have been in a storage bin ever since - have recently started carving again but due to some chronic hip problems it’s unclear whether hard booting will be an option any time soon. Boots are located in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Shipping may be possible but these are bulky and it may not be super cheap (especially cross border). No idea what they are worth if anything, but make me an offer if you’re interested!
  3. I have had a few messenger chats with a few riders that are currently using zipfit liners in their hard shell boots with great success but knowing that this community is a demanding underserved market we have thought of opening up a feedback line with users like you to develop something specific for your sport. Please share your ideas. We are listening, and motivated to launch something reflecting your input for next season. Check out zipfit.eu if you have not done so yet to see that zipfits are all about. Looking forward to hearing your comments and becoming the reference suppler of after market boot liners for alpine snowboarding moving forward.
  4. Orange Head Stratos Pro Boots for sale. Used by weekend snowboarder for 5 seasons. (Probably about 150 days on snow). Still in good shape. Women's size 8.5. Inside says Carve 26.0-23.5 Asking $60 USD +shipping (from Kitchener, ON).
  5. Enjoyed a couple of hours at Mt. Sunapee today, even ran across @dhamann. He looked great, I sucked. Carving is NOT like riding a bike, taking 20 years off was a big mistake. Feet are killing me, way too much movement/heel lift/blisters/etc. The heat-n-mold liners that came with my Deeluxe 325s are not cutting it. Back in the 90s I used Zipfit silicone injected liners in my Raichle 325s, fitted by Richelson’s Feet First in Plymouth, NH. Any recommendations for liners/boot fitters????? Thanks
  6. Looks like new to me, but bought years ago and won't fit. Deeluxe Indy size 27 boots intec compatible $200 plus shipping
  7. My son grew. Looking for race boots. Thank you.
  8. Finally getting around to clearing out some equipment I have lying around.... All prices negotiable! Buyer pays shipping from US. Raichle 323s, M24 These were my first boots. Still in fine working order, would be a good pair of boots for someone with small feet or a kid. I know there are some experienced riders here who still use them too. Original liners (non moldable). Asking $100. UPZ Flow Liners, M25 (5 printed on the side). Also Low-Profile Tongues. UPZ Flow stock liners. I have the normal tongues as well as low profile to help relieve pressure over my arches. Asking $125 for both tongues included. Ruroc RG1-DX Helmet, M/L Great helmet, a couple years old. It is not compatible with the SHOCKWAVE bluetooth speaker system that came out last year. Never had any significant impacts, comes with mask, legacy goggles, and extra lense. I added fluorescent orange tape for visibility. It is Gaff tape and will come off, any reasonable gunk cleaner should make short work of any residue. Asking $200. Ruroc Magloc Goggles, Size M/L The current lineup of goggles for Ruroc. I bought a new helmet that came with new goggles, so these are extra to me now. Slight scratch in the lense, and the felt is coming off on the top, shouldn't be too hard to re-glue with some foam adhering adhesive. Dog not included! $40 Intuition Pro Tour Liners, M25 Bought these last season by mistake, they were supposed to be the pro wraps. They are a tongue liner that offers a stiff cuff and flexy ankle. Molded once, used only a couple times. Asking $125. Deeluxe Vicious, M26 Stiff carver softie boots by Deeluxe. I bought them a couple seasons ago before realizing that my M26 boots where too big. Used a handful of days. in great shape. 3 adjustable tightening zones with BOA at the ankle, and the liner has a heel harness too. Asking $150 FLOW The Five Bindings, Size Large. Bought 07-08 season, so they have some use and standard wear, but everything is in working order with all hardware. They might be a little flexy for carving, but would serve well still for freeride/ pow. Asking $75 Softie Gear I have some additional old softie stuff (10-15 years old) including 2 basic burton boards, 2 pairs of bindings, and 2 pairs of boots. Not carve worthy, but if anyone wants it let me know and I can give more specs. Otherwise it will probably go on fleabay or just to a thrift shop/ goodwill. SOLD! TD3 SW Regular Bindings Picked these up as a second pair, but found that because of minor manufacturing changes over the year(s) (not sure what year model these are) that they did not fit my tiny M25 UPZ feet without turning one of the blocks around. All in working order, e-pads were shipped to me as shown, but I have an extra 2 blues I can replace that yellow with, blue e-rings, and 3* cants, all hardware. Asking $375 SOLD! TD3 SW SI Bindings Bought these new last season in hopes they might fit my small feet, unfortunately they do not without flipping bails again. Basically in new condition, except for a small marring on one of the blocks when the rag slipped in the vice when looking at switching out the e-pads. They have been carpet used, never actually seen snow though! Yellow e-pads, blue e-rings, 3* cants, all hardware. Asking $400 Deeluxe Suzuka, M26 w/ Intuition Dreamliners, 2 shims per boot. Sold! Fine boots, in good working order. Were my boots for a while but I kept having heel lift due to my narrow heels and I also bought too large. Liners have been molded probably 3 times now. Asking $130 Deeluxe Liners, M25 Sold! Simple wrap liners, heat moldable. Don't remember where I picked them up, heated once, used only a handful of times. Asking $60
  9. Finally replaced my boots! I have loved these for years!! Raichle (now Deeluxe) AF600, Size 28/10, shell size 299, Thermo liner. Missing hardware on one side of one boot, see pics. I have mounting screws for heel pieces. Best offer plus shipping. tlwalsh2@gmail.com
  10. Coup de tête la semaine passée.... RCR
  11. Looking for anything semi-current. Thanks!
  12. Deeluxe track700 size 27 Mondo 200$ plus shipping
  13. These were my extra set of Burton Ion liners (soft flex). Didn't really wear them--perhaps one or two days: any marks are mostly from storage--smell-less/squeaky clean. Toe profile shaved down slightly to allow extra room->movement->circulation->warmth->happier feet. PU liners were pretty nice because they opened the door to providing the perfect flex for freestyle. So this should be interesting to find one of these unused and I hope it can help improve someone's quiver. Contact me for shipping quote and I'll send them to you free if you cover shipping.
  14. Up for grabs a set of Head Stratos Pro with ACSS, extra set of soles, original spring system and yellow tongues. I used them less than 15 times in 3 years, I need to move up a size. Liner baked once, they are in great shape and clean. Asking +/- $190 + shipping
  15. New 18/19 burton Stepon Photon 11.5 bundle on sale. I bought from Burton.com but I chose 10.5 to minimize bootout. 11.5 US SIZE Photon boots with BOX L SIZE stepon binding with BOX $850 with shipping (international)
  16. Mondo 25.0 - 27.5 shells (US Men’s size 7.5 9.5) Asking $100 but make me an offer. Paid $400 for the boots new but rode on them less than 10 times over the course of 2 seasons. Thermo molded liners (Mondo 27.0) can be remolded Message me with questions
  17. I have a new to me pair of 425s. After a punch at The Ski Hut and molding my Intuition Plugs I'm satisfied with their fit. A very generous person supplied me with a set of BTS long blue springs, I've been running reds. Hoping to get more forward flex. Today I was riding by myself and really focusing on the feel of everything. It felt like there was a stop while leaning forward. It appears the top of the boot clashes with the lower buckle wire. I'll attach photos... On mobile so I'm doing my best. Anyone ever cut this cuff section out or dealt with this issue? Thanks!
  18. Price drop 10-15-2018 Used boots, they have scuffs and buckle wear in all the usual places , Lots of Life left in these. the toe stitching on one liner came undone so they were stitched back up sorry for the odd color it was all i had at the time and its holding great so i did not redo... They are the stock flow liners, shells have NO tears or cracks. I think these are 3 years old... $ 135.89 plus shipping..FOB Cleveland I have additional Photos email: rthut2 at roadrunner dott kom
  19. I am unloading these faithful boots. They are smell-less. They are in great condition and seem to have no insole wear. Outer sole is in great condition. All buckles and forward lean devices function perfectly. They have minor liner wear and sole wear, but nothing that impairs the function or performance of the boots.The replaceable outsoles and attachment points have a lot left on them. Boosters not included but they work seamlessly on these. Thanks! I am asking $200 plus shipping. Size: The shell says, "5,5 /6/6,5 266/287 mm." Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that is a size 9. Subjective: I thought they were great. They are super stiff and responsive but can be ridden loose with no forward lean while the low profile footprint and snug fit still keeps them responding super well. Reason for unloading them? My feet need a larger size. These boots are better than I--and possibly you--for sure.
  20. I wear a size 10 shoe and these are the correct size. The original liners are included and have not been used. The heel and toe pieces have been replaced as have several buckles. They have been well used, but still have a lot of life left. $150 PLUS SHIPPING.
  21. hi guys, recently I have decided to learn how to snowboard and I have a old snowboard like 10 years old but it's a racing snowboard. It's Fanatic brand, 180cm (5.9). I'm 186cm. I am using the ski boots from my ski but they are not very good fitting my legs. If you can see it in the picture, it looks like they are loose at the top. (they are fitted on maximum but there is a lot of space for my hand to freely enter the space) I was reading this forum for a while and I understand that I shouldn't be using the ski boots for snowboard. My question is: is there any good boot what I can use on the snowboard and also for skiing? Or, because I am just a beginner, should I buy some board with the soft bindings? Also, I tried a freestyle snowboard with a soft binding, but the shoe (it was from a rental) was a loose at the top. Shouldn't be the shoe firm on the top? thanx for your advices .)
  22. I just posted my Raichle 223 size 27.5 or 10-10.5 mens hardboots for sale on San Diego craigslist and orange county craigslist. i would love to trade for a larger size hardboot. But if not they're for sale. I could consider shipping as well? I'm in north county San diego
  23. It's tough to keep my toes warm when the insides of my boots (between liner and shell) keep getting filled with snow. I'm using Deeluxe Track 225 boots with new Intuition Power Wrap liners for this season. The boots are 3 years old and I also had problems with snow and ice using the stock Deeluxe (not thermowrap) liners. I couldn't figure out why my toes were getting cold, and when I pulled the liner out of the boot, I found that the entire toe region of the liner was totally encased in ice. After unbuckling in the lodge and loosening things up I also see snow in the rear of the boot behind my heel between liner and shell. This happens on both feet, but much less so on my front foot. My rear foot is constantly pick up snow somehow, even after only an hour of carving. My boots seem to fit well (they feel good when not filled with snow) and the Intuition liners fill the entire boot and give a very snug fit. Has anyone else experienced this? Any good fixes?
  24. So the UPZ 2017-2018 catalog is available. Looks like color changes are all that's upcomming. I like that RC-R model all the goodies. Catalog here- http://xyz-net.up.seesaa.net/image/1617UPZ20BOOTS.pdf (I know the name is 1617 but look inside)
  25. How long have all of you run your shells before the finally give up the ghost? I'm on year 13 with my Suzukas, after 3-4 liners and 2-3 heels as those pieces wear out, but I spent a lot of time/money getting the shell fit right, which I am happy with now. I've been through two sets of Zipfit liners so far lately, which work well but last perhaps 3-4 years tops at 25-40 days a season. I'm thinking of investing in foam-injected Conformables or Surefoot liners, but am slightly worried about overall shell life. I don't want to drop half a grand plus on custom liners then have my boots crack on me. They physically look a little beat, but no noticeable cracks or stress marks that I can tell.
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