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    Windham, NY or Stratton, VT Basically willing to drive 3-5 hours one way for a day on decent vert and marginal conditions
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    F2, minimal rear cant, Catek, same, angles based on board width but both the same degrees, 22cm stance width
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  1. I was sad to hear that Sherman Poppen passed, but glad it didn't go unnoticed by the major media outlets. Growing up Snurfing with friends was fantastic. Hiking out across snowy golf courses and riding in the moonlight was a totally different vibe than where we are today, but I'm not complaining. I love the new technology (hardboots, duh), and still appreciate the simple fact we have lift access on "ski" hills. I sent Sherman this email on Christmas day, 2015: Dear Sherman, I want to thank you for bringing joy to the world in the form of the Snurfer. The gift you made for your daughter 50 years ago has also made a positive impact on my life, the lives of my friends, and now our children as well. As I gather with family counting my blessings, your name came up in conversation and prompted me to send this long-overdue note. Merry Christmas, Mike Tokar Yardley, PA Snurfing with a smile since 1973. As an old Snurfer Fan Boy, I was thrilled to get this short reply a couple weeks later: Thanks Mike..l wish you a fantastic 2016....Sherm Sherman Poppen Sent from my iPad pow4ever - thanks for posting that video. It was great to learn about roots going back that far, and see they're still riding the same way for so many years. Think snow!
  2. I'd withhold judgement until I had a chance to demo them. I normally ride an All Mtn Nirvana at 45 degree angles with a fair amount of flex in my boots, so this is really intriguing to me. Ideally, this design would offer: Enough lateral stiffness to get torque to the edge at angles exceeding 36 degrees (max setting on the Burton Step On is 36, so that may be the point after which you're not on toe/heel and would need a third strap on a highback to get leverage) Enough ankle flex to suck up bumps and landings. (I don't look for bumps and jumps, but always seem to end up in them at some point) Easier/better fit and comfort. (I haven't tried any Boa-laced boots, but they look more comfortable than buckles.) Less weight than standard hardboots. (I'm all for losing weight without giving up bacon cheeseburgers) If I didn't just spend on new UPZ's this season, I'd be clamoring to be the crash test dummy.
  3. They should keep the PSL and add a pure downhill race for good measure. It's easy for people to relate to and understand, and makes for dramatic viewing. To related it to the alpine skiing events, I think there are a lot of non-skiers that can appreciate the downhill more than SG, GS, and SL. There would be big air off of some of the headwalls, too. Think snow! MT
  4. I don't get to the gym as often as i should, so when i'm not following the 12-oz curl regimen one cool exercise for getting ready for the season is goblet squat (Hold a kettlebell upside down or a dumbellat about chin height) while standing on a BOSU (one of those half ball things on a board) to get the balance thing going. I've been thinking about the rowing machine. Good call, Buggs. The shin flagellation with hangers is very interesting, too. Will have to get on that just to make my wife think i'm truly insane... Think Snow!!!!
  5. Hey Curt, It's good to see you back on BOL, and I hope to take some runs with you this season. I plan on being at least at the tail end of the ECES. I can't make any promises about bringing the Bucket of Love*, (the other BOL) but if I do, we will FEAST!!! I can promise to have a beer or two at least. Congrats on the new baby. Being a father may change your riding style, so be careful. You may end up riding more like me and the other poor souls that don't get many riding days in a season: coveting every single minute available on the mountain, doing top to bottom speed runs until the legs give out, and then keep riding until they close the lifts. It has been a trip seeing some of the older names mentioned. It's funny to hear about CF and sometimes when i drink Jameson's I think of his lengthy, crazy and entertaining rants. It would be good to see/hear from PSR again, too. Does anyone know what he's up to these days? I changed my online name when i had to re-register on the new site, and haven't posted much, but plan on getting back into the habit again. Even though I've been at this a while (Snurfing since '73), there's always new stuff to learn and this forum is the place to get info you won't find anywhere else. Fin and the others that keep this site going don't get enough thanks! BOL deserves a Bucket of Love from the whole alpine community. I wish everyone a great season!!! Think Snow!!!! Mike Tokar *For those that care to know, the Bucket of Love is a pasta salad with smoked mozzerella cheese, prosciutto chunks and other tidbits of goodness that is a staple on multi-day snowboard and mountain bike trips. It was kept in a large plastic container and after a hard day of riding one of my friends said it was a bucket of love, and the name stuck. I can post the recipe on the waaaaay OFF TOPIC forum.
  6. Stratton and Okemo are within about 45 minutes of one another and have great trails for carving. You can get great rates for mid-week stays at the plush Long Trail house at Stratton. It's not ski in/out, but is part of the base village and easy to manage. There are ski-in/out condos at Okemo, though i don't know the rate. There used to be a reciprocal deal which allowed you to ride one day at the other mountain if you had a 3-day pass. I'm not sure if that's still the case. Stowe and Smugglers Notch are also right next to one another. If you want to hit something with some real vert, go for Whiteface in NY. The only issue there is that there isn't really any on-mountain lodging AFAIK. The village of Lake Placid is about 15 minutes away and is great for hanging out at night. Killington is also worth a look... Enjoy.
  7. Heading up to Okemo with my non-riding wife this weekend. Wanted to see if there were any hardbooters planning to be there. I'll be starting at the Jackson Gore area at 8AM, working my way across to the main mountain and then back again. Mike T
  8. if you want to be on skis for teaching kids, and wear snowboard hardboots, you can use a set of snowblades/bigfoot skis that come with non-release bindings. I did that about 8 years ago with my old burton hardboots and it fit the bill pretty well. Worst case scenario you may need to put the bindings on in the reverse way they clip onto normal ski boots. The shorter skis allow you to skate around and ski backwards which is great for little beginners. No poles, no long planks, minimal hassle. I haven't taken them off the bunny slope and really stressed them, so don't bet your life on the set up in serious conditions.
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