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  1. so couple of questions: amW means wide - what's waist width? 8.1 - seems steeply stiff - with which weight you (and previous rider) rode it? any considerable damage (what's repaired)?
  2. natural snow already... couple of weeks, and IT GONNA START
  3. burton furnace boots for those who like stiffer side. which size btw?
  4. late last season I've bought aged Scott Raid 164 to work as rockboard for me.... first day: I completely overwhelmed by SHEER FUN of riding pure camber non-rockered underdamped overlively madness. it was creator's blessing to learn to ride on such a beasts back in time: it seems like no such urgency to master all that controlling body language when you start on kesslers, and that's the BAD thing as I saw it. "hard in teaching easy in battle" - as said by one of russian master warriors. PS after 1st day on scott I retired it from rockboard status - it is HARD snowboard as it is, you NEED to ride one once in a time to understand/remember how to ride ultimately well. not a rockboard, but a reminder of what we've lost with kesslery shapes of today. and - yes - my everyday loved board (oes 164fc tin-less) is of modern shapes. riding such silky beasts corrupts enormously
  5. late-season toy for siberian girlie came from master-craftsman. completely new VSR AM ][ -- softboot-inner-brains in alpine shape, like old but gold pogo reefer...
  6. imnsho it is possible only if it was inherently bad t-nuts, or was preused with anglers (in that case it will DEFINITELY break, any shims will break t-nuts on installation already!). and... all can be broken if you will be determined enough! after leaving cant/lift hell in 2008 - I ride f2races (many sets, rotated), and only breaks was 1-2 bails per season (I'm 95kg, prefer older thin bails, ride off-piste for 90%)
  7. double-gold for siberian boy!! one of coolest psl runs I saw ever
  8. simplest solution I've testing for 11yrs - going flat, and not any problem with t-nuts ever since.
  9. no need for bent metals from hell in soft snow and lovely moguls: I can order newish coiler, but no love for tin-can boards from me
  10. looking in lazy mode... I have an aging 177AM (since 2011) with already cracked edges and slightly bent nose (just from usual bill-feeding riding, not from any crashes:), and need a board to retire it into snowboard haeven.
  11. i'll take it for 200 if it will hold 200lbs
  12. sure, but there's almost no footwear without heel-lift - zero-drop shoes is newcomers in modern world -- you've learned to anti-adapt to that from the first steps in footwear. and... my words is to only POINT to possible direction - coz many talk about how to set up base angling, all racers use heel lift etc etc etc -- and almost no voice against any anglers usage for whatever reason! BTW I need almost a winter to adapt my ride on LONGER boards without cant/lifts (strangely enough slalom boards ride well flat from get-go for me). collateral from going cant/lift-free around 2008 was: before that time adaptation from hardboots to softboots is almost a riding day or more, and now I can go from hardboot stance to full-duck and back in a 1-2 runs....
  13. and - no! - I personally recommend against any cant/lift anglings in your life other than you have radically different anathomy. you can simply go as that - width & angles. it is pretty many variations to allow (esp. with setback and gilmour offset). thanks for BOL to free me from cant/lift hell - 10th yrs sober-headed: you can only balance when you stand straight off the board
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