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    Regular stance. Models: F2 & Bomber TD3 Intecs. Isocline plates, both DIY design/builds and BBP 4mm, with UPM & 4x4 pattern, ride with fixed axle front. Experimenting with stance distance & skwal style stances.
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  1. No internal dialogue. Consciousness is filled with the sounds of wind and edge, sensations of balance and gravity, and eyes searching for space and smooth snow.
  2. https://www.completeoutdoors.co.nz/search/?search=rad+air (Cleared with J Michaud) Came across three 192cm Rad Air Tankers, dating from the early 2000s, described to be in near new/shop soiled/demo'ed condition, for sale from a reputable NZ shop. They will freight to Australia and to some international destinations (not specified on the website). They apparently recently sourced a load of NOS stock (skis, boards etc) from Europe. I enquired about possibly buying just a Tanker board and was offered NZ$400 (US$270 approx. at current exchange rates) as a price by the shop. In the end decided against it as I don't see enough powder, and have a different purchase in mind in the near future. Figured there are people here who even at that distance might pull the trigger for a cambered Tanker in good condition. There are also a couple of Rad Air WorldWide boards in the linked search result at the time of posting. Enquiries should be direct to the shop. I'm just letting people know this stuff is available.
  3. @Eric Brammer aka PSR
  4. Just looked at your profile to see the likely bindings and angles you'd use for hard boots on a BX board. Your step in TD3 Sidewinders should give you some useful side to side flexibility at the 30/21 to 27/18 angles you list using on a BX style board. Playing around with some inward canting on both bindings may well help with the comfort issues on the inner aspects of your legs/feet. Using any residual tilt as toe lift on both feet would be my recommendation given you're in UPZs with an 11 degree zeppa and as your feet are going to be more beside each other rather than left in front of right. Given that you are trying to solve a comfort/fatigue problem then experimentation aiming for a comfortable & relaxed stance seems the way forward.
  5. Not in Central Otago till August 2020. Glad you got to make some turns Nigel!
  6. Martyn Ashton is a former World Expert Biketrials Champion. In 2013 he suffered a spinal cord injury while riding that left him paraplegic. A mountain bike video about good men, everyday heroism, and friendship.
  7. Modern boards don't need to be monsters to have edge hold that will leave you weak at the knees. I own a Coiler Nirvana Energy Torsion + 174, with a 12-14m radius that turns pretty tight and holds brilliantly. It was the board I was riding in the video. I borrowed a Thirst Superconductor 174cm (thanks Pat C, the memories of that afternoon's riding are sweet) and was blown away by how tight it turned and how well its' edge held. Or go the Kessler route, either a 162 slalom or the freeride 168. I love my KST 162 for tight turns and heavy traffic but again edge hold that will leave you thinking "Damn. I should have spent more time building my quads over summer!" Edit: OR - Slim waist, turns so tight you'll see your own backside, and a lot of fun. The Donek Madd Killer.
  8. I bought my UPZs from the North American UPZ dealer, taking advantage of an off season sale price. Prompt delivery to me in New Zealand. Bought the same mondo size as my old Head SPs and didn't regret that. Lots of threads on optimal boot shell sizing prior to installing a custom moldable liner. There are at least one pair of essentially new RC10 2016 model, the same model I own, in the For Sale section currently. Might be about your size given your height. Trench Digger (TDs) bindings are very strong but not indestructible. If you buy UPZs and then TDs try to get 6 degree cant discs to help compensate for the approx. 11 degree zeppa/slope on the boot inside sole. TDs have the virtue of being easily able to produce a wide variety of combinations of lift and cant. Given your preference above for lots of options TDs are probably the best for allowing relatively easy experimentation with lift and cant, compared to the F2s or the Sigi Grabner equivalent design.
  9. Making do with 2 weeks in Aspen as a year's worth of hardbooting.
  10. Just sent Led Zeppelin's "Physical Graffiti" through the DAC, but got to "In My Time of Dying'" (1975) http://youtu.be/kTdvekG949c and once the first few bars had played thought it sounded like a great Aussie band riff "Rock n Roll Ain't Noise Pollution". (1980) Judge for yourself http://youtu.be/X_IWlPHMziU
  11. I respect your past experiences and riding style preference noted above. In the intervening years stance distances have increased. A longer stance increases the size of the base of support over which you balance potentially giving you more stability. For comparison I'm 182cm tall and run a 56cm binding centre to binding centre stance. Using that stance distance I run NASTAR at platinum level. There are new ways of thinking about how all aspects of your stance interact and therefore the effect of differing amounts of boot sole lift and canting. Much has changed since you last ride hard boot gear. To get the most out of the modern equipment will probably need modifications to your riding style as well. PS: replied too fast without noting that you were aiming to keep riding the Volant. Your stance length options may be much more limited as a result. F2 bindings now have the option of custom 3D printing wedge/cant combos to match the range of options available from the Trench Digger design.
  12. Mario, you are a rich man!
  13. A small resort has a concentrated risk going into a global heating future, a conglomerate with lots of resorts is presumably hoping to spread that risk. At some point however Vail will be left with a whole lot of resorts that are uneconomic and no one will want to buy them out. Not sure I'd want to be a shareholder in Vail.
  14. So what do you think persuaded all these resorts to sell to Vail? Besides the actual money?
  15. Dual cat drop racing? Which cat fur type drops faster? Does a live cat bounce more than a dead cat? @lordmetroland, where are you?
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