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  1. A small resort has a concentrated risk going into a global heating future, a conglomerate with lots of resorts is presumably hoping to spread that risk. At some point however Vail will be left with a whole lot of resorts that are uneconomic and no one will want to buy them out. Not sure I'd want to be a shareholder in Vail.
  2. So what do you think persuaded all these resorts to sell to Vail? Besides the actual money?
  3. Dual cat drop racing? Which cat fur type drops faster? Does a live cat bounce more than a dead cat? @lordmetroland, where are you?
  4. Watch carefully and the rotation of the skis, then body happens almost at right angles to his main direction of motion/ momentum. Like a rifled shell rotates along it's direction of motion.
  5. Utilisation of any 4x4 insert plate system then depends upon what the actual spacing is between the front and back insert sets and what the designed offset is from the centre of the effective edge. I own a snowboard where the max C to C stance distance using the 4x4 inserts is 48cm, and another where the distance is over 60cm. Any design is a series of tradeoffs and compromises. Long isolation plates with long interaxle distances give greater torsional resistance but need to have their inserts in a thinner part of the core. Most plates have a restricted choice of interaxle distances determined by the holes that allow the plate to be screwed to the isolation mechanism. Bomber's 4x4 mechanism has considerable positioning flexibility to allow a working combination of the boards 4x4 insert packs and the BBPs interaxle distance options. But I still struggled to find good combinations on some of my boards. The advantage of a 12.9 cm X 3 cm pattern (Apex/UPM/????) or the AllFlex pattern is that the board designer has optimised the board's whole construction around a plate being used and fitting a plate is then generally very straightforward. 4x4 setups, in my experience, take much more fiddling to get the best performance.
  6. Love the process occurring here i.e. some critical thinking about what the boot/binding interface between rider and board should achieve. Some other points to consider. 1/ The position of the pivot point between shell and cuff, relative to the rider's ankle joint. 2/ The position and angle of the straps/buckles that restrict the shell/cuff movement to minimise rider heel lift. 3/ Which axes of the boot do you want to be able to have significant movement, as well as being able to exert force. Current designs with spring systems allow fore/aft movement with variable force, while laterally very limited movement. Think about what a Bomber Sidewinder binding achieves and whether this is useful.
  7. There are some YouTube videos up. Reality falls a little short of the CGI concept.
  8. No matter how much you enjoyed the beer it was litter in a natural environment. Take only photographs, leave only footprints.
  9. My bad. SG plate is mounted into a standard 4x4 or 4x2 cm insert pattern.
  10. @daveo Should we ever get to ride together, afterwards I'll buy the first round.
  11. I hadn't figured you for a conspiracy theorist @daveo . Apex's reputation has always ridden on the perceived quality of their design, construction, and the results of riders on Apex plates. Their reputation does not significantly risde on the position of the mounting holes in the board. If anything, the wide uptake of their original insert layout by board makers and other isolation plate designers might be construed to make the chances of a rider purchasing an Apex plate higher because of the interchangeability between plates and boards. Plenty of other people beside Bomber and Donek using the term UPM from pretty early on in the isolation plate explosion that began immediately prior to the Vancouver Olympics inspired by Benjamin Karl's success with his plate on theWorld Cup. Donek and Bomber had competing plate designs. SG used the same 12.9cm x 3cm insert spacing. As for your contention that Apex outdesigned everyone else at any stage of the progression of their designs, an awful lot of beer could be drunk while debating that. Isolation plate design is far from being optimised.
  12. Comfort, and allowing the widest possible range of effective body movement are reasonable goals for any binding setup. What constitutes "effective" will depend on your riding style, leg/foot geometry and range of movement, and ability to carve and otherwise control a snowboard. There are many different factors involved, all inter-related. If you have a theory/model of how the binding/boot/stance distance and physique are inter-related it will help you make changes that are less random and more likely to help you achieve the result you want.
  13. Are you going to tell us that your comment on her appearance is just a "joke", or do you really think that her ability as a music artist needs qualification by your opinion of her appearance?
  14. Thanks Pokkis, I've wanted to know the AllFlex pattern dimensions for a while. 784mm is a good deal more board torsionally stiffened than the standard max UPM 660mm interaxle distance.
  15. That is year round viewing.
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