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13 minutes ago, fluxgame said:

I start with STARE.  Streak is going strong at 273, with a 3.8 guess average. In hard mode. 

Similar results, in hard mode. Typically I start with Stair, Stare or Story but sometimes just whatever word comes to mind that doesn't repeat letters. Elbow works well for some reason.

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I always have to translate into American spellings! 🤣

I aim to have used all the vowels and "Y" by the end of my second guess, and use "hard" mode. (all partially/fully correct letters retained)

Tricky (good) Wordle words are things like "fluff" and "myths", while "bayou" got past me a while ago.

Try Quordle if you want a slightly harder word puzzle.


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10 minutes ago, SunSurfer said:

Try Quordle if you want a slightly harder word puzzle.

I actually find Quordle easier, for some reason. I guess a trio of three words that have no letters in common and then can usually just write in the 4 words to finish in 7.

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On 1/17/2023 at 1:42 PM, Jack M said:

Who plays on hard mode?? 

I play on hard mode.  Oddly enough I've been getting them in fewer steps on hard.  

I like to go back to normal mode too because it's fun to have more freedom to design logical tests. 

I always start with whatever word pops into my head that seems decent.  That's part of the fun!  Starting with the same word or two every time would be too boring for me to keep playing. Funny how people are different. 

Now should we talk about spelling bee?


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A few days ago, the word was FROZE.  Took me all six.  It was the first time one of my daughters had lost in 514 games!

Missing from this screen capture is my first word which was SLICE



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