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176 Kessler The Ride, super rare. Near mint

big canuck

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3 hours ago, big canuck said:

My wife’s gonna sell em all for $200 when I have the gripper. Stand by lads lol

PM me... So I can give your wife my number.  I want it to be painless in her time of need. :eplus2:


Nah... I want you to live long and prosper... Mahalo.

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I miss the vent...
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Oh man. Impossible to get them all together....

Salsa Beargrease Fat bike, Ti Ritchey Break Away w 11 sp Record, S Works Tarmac Super Record, 1996 Ti Bianchi w 10 sp Record Bora Ultra wheels, Super X cross bike w Chorus 11, Optimo cross bike 9 speed w Daytona/veloce, CAAD 8 9 speed Record and Chorus, C’dale CAAD 9 cross bike w 10 speed Record, Look 586 w DA 7900, CAAD 5 w 9 speed Veloce (trainer bike) Pivot LES 29, Bianchi Methanol 29 x 2, Intense Hard Eddie 29 x 2 (one SS), Kona Big Unit 29, GT Pro Performer 26, SE OM Flyer 26, SE QA 24”, Haro Freestyler 20” (replica of the Original) Specialized Seattle Langster, Electra Sunny Garcia cruiser, Norco Spade SS, Kona A’ha 7 sp internal, Kona Paddy Wagon 3 sp, Kona Hot 26” custom flame job, Norco Team 853 26”, Dekerf SS 26”, Lemond Carbon lugged bike DT shifters....... that’s all I can remember off the top of my head. Own a bike shop and a guy tends to end up with a bike or two more than he needs

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