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  1. New option to defer the use of the pass for a season. That probably works for me
  2. I will at the very least hold out until May 20th. It'd be great if everyone held out... I understand that the pandemic has/will cost them a lot of revenue as well from no fault of their own, but, while I have no issue putting the money down now, I'd really just like a reasonable cancellation policy or insurance in case the season is cancelled or shortened next winter, which isn't there right now.
  3. interested in the 'basic' pair. Maybe all the extra parts also. shipping to canada? I'll PM you
  4. Finally after an infinite search across the internet the path to happiness has been revealed to me in this one thread...
  5. Closed on our 6hr drive there/here front Toronto ! Got a free night at the westin but still.. First world problems I guess
  6. So - my wife booked a non-refundable hotel at Mont Tremblant for this weekend (March break for hte kids) . So I guess we are going - don't feel like walking away from $2k (CAD, chump change for you Americans). But do you guys take any other precautions when going out? Should I wear a mask (not a ski mask) in line? On the Gondola (which seems like a place, if any, where one could transmit the virus)? We are going to avoid the big cafeteria at the top of hte mountain which is always a zoo - that's pretty easy.
  7. Update - Stubby received (a week ago) in good order. Coiler repatriated! Thanks mike
  8. I'm pretty much sold. Just waiting on shipping cost for PayPal. FYI - ursle measured waist at 19.5cm. Won't make that much of a difference for my small feet but I do prefer a little wider.
  9. Interested in the stubby. Specs on it? Design weight and sidecut(s)? Is it metal?
  10. have wanted to try out the Head's... but still a little too big for my tiny feet. Gotta say, tho, those things look brand new..
  11. Interesting. I could carve reasonably well on my toe side on softboots before jumping on to hardboots, but on heel side i would typically start (transition from toe) with slarving before getting into a carve midway and at bottom of carve. I only got better at the heel side after getting on hardboots. Not sure if that puts me closer to Daveo or 'typical'. I do know that my softboot carving has certainly improved with hardbooting, and vice versa actually - i don't think that's atypical.
  12. I've given bad advice before on this forum I'm sure, but i thought i would respond to, and welcome, a fellow Ontarian. Somewhere on this forum is a thread about the differences in fit for different types of feet between UPZ and Deeluxe, but living where you live, it would be worth your while to visit YYZ and try on some boots. Then you can get hooked up with bindings at the same time . One of the coolest aspects with hardbooting is the custom made boards - that idea blew my mind when I read the about it on alpinecarving.com. There's nothing wrong with used snowboards, especially
  13. Being from out east with a single trip out west each year ... that video is a little chilling. I’ve read about tree wells before but seeing the video of that guy they rescued - itwould be so easy to ski right by him. Almost no evidence that he is there
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