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  1. I received my yesterday. $190 shipping included. Thank you Alexey!!
  2. They are most likely smalls which fit up to 26.5
  3. You are correct. I don’t think it makes much difference. They are basically the same.
  4. Nice pair of used TD3 standard bindings. Great condition. Comes with soft yellow e rings and 6, 3 & 0 degree cant disks. 4 hole center disks. $250 USD shipped in US
  5. 25-25.5 is a 7.5-8 size. How are they size 5?
  6. How about white smalls? Oct?
  7. Oh yeah I will just do black now
  8. Mediums in white please
  9. I will take a pair of smalls no intec please what colors?
  10. Awesome I sent you a PM
  11. Yes you may be right
  12. Not entirely sure but the guy I got it from said it was about 6 yrs old and hasn’t had that much use.
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