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Board decambering in the tail


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I saw a post for a Kessler 185 with the tail decambered, and now my 2 year old Donek 180 is seeing the tail decambered... why does this happen? If I am just pressing it, fine, but it should rebound and not be mod'd from hard turns, so is this a storage issue from summer? Is this my car is too cold driving to the mountains? Any thoughts and anyone else with similar is welcomed....

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Kessler Shape Technology (KST) is the dynamic interaction between the baseline and sidecut. The 2005 patented technology uses all the advantages of the rocker line in combination with a sidecut based on a clothoid geometrical formula. It is the sophisticated interaction that is causing the brilliant revolution!

The KST Baseline shows reverse camber. However under pressure, the front and back contact points move towards the middle of the ski or board. The nose and tail rise slightly. The aggressive radii are being negated. This results in turns being easier to initiate, easy edge changing, and a safe, catch-free downhill run with increased stability.

However, it’s when the ski or board is edging that the interaction between the sidecut and the rocker line really comes into play. As the ski or board tilts, the contact surface area with the snow is increased, allowing the rider to consciously select the radius of choice. This is where the full force of the clothoid shape comes into effect, giving the rider totally controlled carving ability and a high level of grip, also on icy conditions or at high speed. World-class performance and easy handling.


With that said, rocker rules.

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I tend to load my tail a little before the initiation to toe side, but as anyone who has seen me, I am no Jack or my son.... just seems a shame as I have enough trouble looking OK not to have a board that now engages late... will take a pic today to show it

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Boards can change the shape from riding, not only metal but glass/carbon too. I have a Nidecker that turned to nose rocker/decamber and more on toe side of the board. Also  Volant SL that turned into full rocker. Stil rides good, though. 

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14 hours ago, TimW said:

I guess this one:

That Kessler looks like riding damage to me.

I had a few boards fail behind the rear binding, so it can be a higly loaded area(i guess depending on your riding style)


There is no visble damage to the Kessler I was selling.  The rise is very subtle and disappears when weighted.  I notice no difference when riding it. If we were to swap boards at say a MCC event you likely wouldn't notice it at all.

Unless I hear back from the next in line I'm planning to keep it.

I want to work on my 55/50 riding anyway plus I've never tried it with the Geckos.

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I'll try my damnedest to see if it will break.
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Sorry if this affects your posting man.... I just am noticing the decambering on my board and was looking to see if it was something others see....  I am not a good enough rider to know "how it affects the board ride" but I cannot imagine mine and it's new more rocker shape can be helping me. One of the thing I noticed when I see the best riders is they load the board, it bends, and then that energy is released in the transition. I just cannot see how rocker on my tail would do anything except have less energy to release....  Anyway, sorry if this hurts your post, as that was not my intent man....

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54 minutes ago, TVR said:

Sorry if this affects your posting man

No worries. I bought it knowing it was "special" and I hope I represent it openly and honestly.  

Heck it'd be easier to understand if there was something visible in relation to the rise but alas there is not.

If I rode a resort with more vertical I wouldn't have dreamed of selling it to begin with... It's just not that much fun only getting a few turns before you're at the bottom.

I wish I had some additional insight... If I ever break it I'll do an autopsy.

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