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Td2 Stepins vs regular: which is stronger....


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Hi guys

I am on my second rear bail failure of the season. (Front foot both times)

Starting to wonder if i should switch to stepins....

Which one is supposed to be stronger?

I knom stepins have less "play".

I bought a new F2 speedster 163 WC, definitely stiffer than my old coiler angry.

Would that be related?

I am 6'1 and 215 lbs wondering what kind of bindings the "big boys" are running here....

Thks for the input!


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If you’re asking which is stiffer, then stepins. But if you mean by “stronger”, “which one will I break less often, if at all”, then stiffer doesn’t necessarily relate to longevity. 

I think the least likely binding to fail due to stress would be the one that has some flexibility designed in and implemented with the burliest materials. 

You might take a look at the SG bindings that upzboots.com is rep’ing in North America. Same basic design as the F2, but   more heavy-duty and with some design improvements. 

Also check out Thirst Snowboards Facebook page, I think he has a set of the SGs on sale that he was showing at MCC. Still brand new, never been out of the box. 

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Just checked mine and was surprised to find what looks like a tooling mark on the bail wire about halfway between the eye end and the first bend. Both inside and outside of both heel bails. Not from boot rub - maybe the forming mandrel picked up some damage?


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