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Turf Carving

Jack M

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Yeah I was conflicted because there is an actual snowboard on his feet.  It is weird how he does seem to be going straight between direction changes.  And that long slarve around the corner is mind bending.  Looks like there is as much hand technique going on here as anything else.

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that carpet looks great compared to Neveplast.

tried carving on neveplast on an old board delaminated board at my local hill. not recommended. plus it doesn't feel right... like your on ice.

when i tried to set the edge, board immediately slowed down and felt like a rubbing sensation. this was the result from that setting an edge. 




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Found at last!  Pure Boarding Japan Facebook, June 2015.  I just sent a message to find out more about the process used, stay tuned for response.

From the Pure Boarding Japan Facebook site:  "Since the sole will melt in the heat of friction, it will paste a stainless steel sole. In Hotwax without, we can improve the slip blowing the silicon spray to the sole. Edge angle. sole is -2 to -6. Side is 86."

I saw a picture once of some skis that had a metal base versus just strips like this board.  I'll try looking for it again but searching for 'skis with metal edge/base' or anything similar turns up generic info about ski construction and edges.




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