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Snowboard Organizer (Trapper Keeper for your quiver)


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I'm reposting this with a different title because of the amount of questions I've received about this homemade rack.


The 2.5” spacing is perfect for a board with TD3s mounted directly to the board with 6* cants. TD2s require an extra 1" (3.5" spacer) because of the spring in the rear bail, it won't fold down.  1.5” will work for a 2nd board kit mounted to it.  3.5” are for the FPs that still have Burton plates on them.  1.25” are there because that’s how the math worked out for a 41.5” length (my limit on space, wife acceptance factor, WAF), but is also great for a board with nothing mounted to it.  The 1" spaces will fit 2 boards.  The overall width is 13”

The drawing is not the same as the actual bracket in the pic.  It is what I have planned for a replacement bracket.



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Looks awesome!

You posted pics before, right? I was planning a close copy of that. I'll keep the slots wide enough to put boards base to base, with the nose down on one and tail down on its neighbor. I'll just stagger long/short. 

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31 minutes ago, Corey said:


You posted pics before, right? 


Ive recently thought of just having the entire bracket consist of 1.5” spacers with 1” open spaces in between them.  That way, you can configure your boards as you see fit and easily change it down the road.

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That looks real nice. I've been planning to put together something similar for a while. I guess now that the season is over I had might as well. Yours looks clean and simple. I had been envisioning something that would be adjustable to handle more softboot completes and maybe even some skis. I was thinking about using dowel rods as dividers and allowing those rods to be moved into different positions to account for different sized gear. 

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I'm definitely going to build this or something similar this spring. My boards are currently residing underneath our bed.

Just debating right now if i need that many slots. On the one hand, it would look silly because I'd only have like 3 boards to place in it right now. On the other hand, it's a good excuse for 'needing' a larger quiver.. :eplus2:

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