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F2 Titanflex vs non-titanflex?


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Many riders here have been on TDs and the F2 Race Titanium flexes more than Bombers. It is a very nice flex.

I expect most of us on F2s ride the Race Titanium. I personally use the bail version because I like the flex better than the intec version.

Some riders use the Carve RS, but usually it is for all mountain. Other riders do prefer the Titanflex for carving.

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The non titanflex F2, which most if not all racers use can be extremly ridgid if tight or somewhat loose if adjusted loosely.

The titanflex is inherently "looser" because of the flex pads under toe and heel and the 1" plastic block underneith, but... can also be adjusted to be tight on the boot or some what loose, the adjustment is the front bail with stepin or the front toe block placement with the non stepin.

The star wheels can adjust the tightness of the front bail on non titinal f2 stepin's and the front toe block Placement will determine the tightness on regular f2's.

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Personal choice. You can actually use a Titanflex like a standard binding, so if you're not sure it's worth bearing that in mind. You don't get the little screw adjusters on the front bail with titanflex, from what I remember. One downside of the flexy things is increased complexity and ride height.

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I have no experience w/ the TitanFlex bindings, but I was warned that Titanium Race bindings might be too stiff for my scrawny 135lb self. I'd already bought them, so tried them out, and I LOVE them. I'd been riding Burton Race Plates (considered very flexy) forever,  and was happy on them, but the Titanium Race bindings have given me a whole new level of connection with the board, and ride noticeably better. (And they're way more adjustable, too.) So, they definitely don't seem to be too stiff for me (at least by feel - an experienced observer might have other opinions, I don't know), and I'm likely toward the lower end of the weight scale.

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If you're worried about stiffness, just get carve rs.

I use titanflex with regular bails for my powder board. I like narrow (21.5cm) powder boards and run 45/35 angles with a little overhang in my size C shell upz rc10. So the extra height and flex were both appreciated. Really perfect for that set up.

I use f2 race ti on all my carve boards.

Some of the girls I know use carve rs and they like them. Around the 100-130lb mark. Perhaps these are a better choice for you due to weight. They're all better riders than me.

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