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First day on Hardboots


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Welcome to the beginning! That looked great, especially in flat light!

Let the tinkering begin. Your knee pain could be splay (5 degrees is pretty typical). Many riders are pretty adaptable to different binding angles, but some riders are very specific so it is possibly binding angles. It could also be boot canting, the need for a different cant or lift on the bindings, or possibly stance width. It could be an issue that will resolve itself with just a couple more days of getting accustomed to the hardboots and improving your technique. It could also be your first day tendency to rotate your shoulders almost square to the board a the end of your toe sides and then to unwind them to almost parallel with the board at the end of your heel sides.

People tend to ride with their shoulders somewhere between square with their binding angles (no rotation) to square to the board (rotated forward, easier with higher binding angles). You do not want to unwind beyond square to your binding angles. At 50/45 angles, getting square to the board is quite rotated and putting a lot of pressure on your lower body joints, not to mention probably twisting your board. At your angles it is probably best to try to stay square to your binding angles or just slightly forward of that to maintain a more neutral lower body.

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2 hours ago, Pythmere said:

Thanks! @digger jr set the board up with 50/45 angles and it felt ok, but I was getting some pain in my rear knee. Would tweaking the angles or perhaps splay help with that?

Buell pretty much covered it.  I'm one of those guys who are pretty adaptable, so I haven't screwed around much.  When I started, I had inward cant which was pretty common in those days.  Then I rode flat for a while.  Lately I have some heel lift on the back foot, which I like.  But I can ride comfortably with all 3 setups, and with angles ranging from 35 to 50.  I guess what I'm saying is I'm the wrong guy to ask about binding tinkering.

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I am the opposite and am one of those who needs it setup pretty specific to be comfortable. For me atleast, knee pain usually spawns from canting problems. 

Beware this site by @Beckmann AG is a bit of a rabbit hole and can be very overwhelming for a beginner. It literally has taken me years to grasp most of the concepts, but it (and he) is exceptional at getting your boots and bindings setup right if you are less adaptable. http://beckmannag.com/hardboot-snowboarding/hardboot-binding-configuration


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Would tweaking the angles or perhaps splay help with that?

Only one way to find out. Personally, I like a lot more splay - something around 15-20°, if memory serves. It helps to have a wider board for that. Did you ride with the forward lean system open or locked? Some riders I know get knee pain if the ride with rear boot locked.

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