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Vintage Burton PJ 7.1 Asym EC + bindings


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Vintage Burton PJ 7.1 Asym EC + bindings 

I bought this board from the Burton factory when living in Vermont and loading chairs as young man at Stratton Mountain over 20 years ago. I rode my Craig Kelly Air everyday. My PJ was only ridden a handful of times. If you can pick up local, I will throw in my old hard boots ;-)

the board is vintage but in EC. 

$200 plus shipping (shipping ain't cheap. I checked to CA/WA and it was 200+ through UPS and 150 to CO. I am not sure if there is a cheaper carrier but I will use whoever the buyer prefers and charge actual shipping cost.)

i have a 100% eBay and Gun broker seller rating :)







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Hi there felow carvers.........

Back in the day t was sold in Holland (retail1600US) I coud only look at them.

Since 2006 ive been searching for the complete series, and found them all. except the blue tail,.... for riders under 65kg.

I have drilled 4x4 holes with inserts to fit the f2 bindings unleasing the full potential of these boards.

The 5 series pj. has almost no camber and side steel left. Yet it still carves great. I cut out out the base on the sides in strips. And layed in a black and white sintered base.

Together with my F2 beamer M WC and sims burner 167 (japanese version) these are always with me when boarding. Always in ombination with F2 Bindings, S-flex plates and Bomer BTS springs on my Deeluxe shoes.

Hard booting since 1991, and still going strong!

Regards and carves to you all.

Kjetor NL







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I just found this same board cleaning out my parents storage unit. Forgot I ever had it. If this forum thread is in any way still active I was hoping I could find the value in a board like this. I bought it off a wealthy friend who rode it a couple times at most. I never rode it due to focusing my turns on big mountain back then. That being said, it’s in EC and I’d be curious to find out if it could be a collector’s piece or a treat for those hold outs of a by-gone-time that carved to ride and rode to carve…

Any feedback is much appreciated. Thanks y’all.


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