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2006 Burton Fish 160 Woody topsheet


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2006 Burton Fish 160 (real wood topsheet w/ blue sidewalls)

$275 plus shipping

N 31.6   W 25.8  T 28.6  scr 8.24  stance 20"  3" back   3cm taper

I bought this several years ago, new, in plastic, never ridden. I rode it a handful of times including at the 1st MCC  powder "carving" event where it was waist deep in the trees.  It worked fine with soft (Raichle 313) hardboots and flexy Carve rs bindings, but it's likely best suited for softboots. A board for deep powder, trees or anywhere there's fresh snow. Super turny and surfy, with lots of taper so the nose will never sink. Not as fun on the groomers back to the lift.

...or you could hang it on the wall of your chalet...


More pics here...


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Just kidding?? Too bad, I really stocked up on the TP last month and was going to make you an offer.....

Have one of these already ( and a Vokl , and a Jones) so I don’t need yet another pow tool. It is a nice board though, and I agree with your comments. I have also switched to hard boots with my pow boards just so I don’t have to constantly drag along extra boots and bindings on trips.


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